Laurence Lowry, aka L S Lowry
(United Kingdom, 1887 - 1976)

Known for his paintings of the industrial landscapes of the north of England. His style was of crowds of simple dark figures surrounded by grey buildings and industrial fog in towns such as Pendlebury and Salford in Greater Manchester. There is a museum in Salford that contains many of his works and is named after the artist.

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Name:Laurence Lowry
Dates:1887 - 1976
Nationality:United Kingdom
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Top owners of works by this artist
The Lowry - Salford(United Kingdom - Salford)90 artworks
Manchester Art Gallery(United Kingdom - Manchester)10 artworks
Private collection8 artworks
Civic Collections - United Kingdom(United Kingdom)7 artworks
Tate Britain - London(United Kingdom - London)5 artworks
Whitworth Art Gallery - University of Manchester(United Kingdom - Manchester)5 artworks
Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House) - London(United Kingdom - London)5 artworks
Amgueddfa Cymru - Cardiff(United Kingdom - Cardiff)4 artworks
Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC)(United Kingdom - Glasgow)3 artworks
Sheffield City Art Galleries(England - Sheffield)3 artworks
University of Cambridge - Downing College(United Kingdom - Cambridge)3 artworks

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This person died fewer than 70 years ago (in 1976).

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