Thea Proctor, aka Althea
(Australian, 1879 - 1966)

This person is associated with Australian Modern Art. In 1896 Thea Proctor attended Julian Ashton's art school, which emphasized drawing and the latest decorative ideas in composition. Fellow students included Elioth Gruner, George Lambert and Sydney Long. In 1903 Thea Proctor went to London and studied at St John's Wood Art Schools and with Lambert. Associating with other expatriate Australian artists, notably Charles Conder, Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts, she was influenced by Conder's fan-designs, Japanese prints and the drawing of Ingres. Preoccupied with line, colour and form, she concentrated on drawing and painting in watercolours. Her decorative fans and drawings, usually watercolours on silk, were well received when exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and the New English Art Club. Proctor returned to Australia in 1921, where she joined the Society of Artists, In 1926 Lambert, Proctor and others formed the Contemporary Group to encourage young avant-garde artists. The previous year she and Margaret Preston held a joint exhibition in Sydney and Melbourne: both artists included brightly coloured woodcuts in scarlet frames. Although Proctor's work was comparatively conservative, in Australia it was considered 'dangerously modern'. She taught design at Ashton's Sydney Art School and privately, introducing many young artists to linocut printing, and in the 1940s taught drawing for the Society of Arts and Crafts.

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Name:Thea Proctor
Dates:1879 - 1966
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This person died fewer than 70 years ago (in 1966).

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