Louis Janmot
(French, 1814 - 1892)
by Louis Janmot
This person is associated with: Romanticism

French painter from Lyon. He trained under Ingres.

He was influenced by the style prevalent in Lyon and painted works which celebrated Catholicism and Middle Ages, as the Nazarenes and the Troubadours did a bit earlier.

His most famous work is a ensemble of 18 paintings and a poem named The Poem of the Soul which took him 20 years to create and was exhibited in the Exposition Universelle of 1855 (Paris). It tells the lives of a man and a woman from birth to death, with a strong Christian symbolism. Besides Janmot's style makes the transition between Romanticism to Symbolism and the Preraphaelites in the second half of the century.

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Name:Louis Janmot
Dates:1814 - 1892
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