Noel Hallé
(French, 1711 - 1781)
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French rococo painter. He trained under his father Claude Guy Hallé.

His painting Dalila cutting Samson's hair failed at the Prix de Rome in 1734 (awarded to Pierre), but he won it in 1736 for The Crossing of the Red Sea.

He became associate of the Academy on 30 June 1746, then academician on 31 May 1748; his reception piece was The Dispute of Minerva and Neptune over Choosing a Name for the City of Athens. He was later promoted to adjunct professor on 6 July 1748, professor on 5 July 1755, adjunct rector on 27 September 1777 and treasurer the same year, rector for one month from 3 May to his death on 5 June 1781. Moreover, he was appointed Superinspector of the Manufacture of the Gobelins in 1771, then director for one year of the French Academy in Rome (1775) and finally knight of Saint-Michael in 1777.

He taught Berthélemy.

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Name:Noel Hallé
Dates:1711 - 1781
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