Lorenzo Lotto
(Italian, 1480 - 1557)
by Lorenzo Lotto
This person is associated with: High Renaissance, Renaissance

Lotto was born in Venice and is now regarded as one of the most important painters of the early 16th Century working in northern Italy.

He is best known for his many portraits of eminent people as well as altarpieces for various churches in the Veneto region. His work took him to Treviso, Milan and Bergamo, as well as Rome (circa 1508) and in his birthplace of Venice.

In his early years he was influenced by Giovanni Bellini. From 1513 to 1525 he is recorded as living in Bergamo. In his later years his paintings became more spiritual and expressive, leading to a style of Mannerism. His works are very individual in style with bold colouring, as in the Venetian tradition. One of his outstanding portraits is that of Andrea Odoni (1527) in the Royal Collection;  the Brera in Milan holds a large number of his portraits and his religious works can be found in Venice and in the village of Lesi in the Veneto region.

  • catalogues raisonnés:

Flavio Caroli, Lorenzo Lotto, Florence, Edizioni d'arte Il fiorino, 1975.

Carlo Pirovano, Lotto, Milan, Electa, 2002.

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Name:Lorenzo Lotto
Dates:1480 - 1557
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1557).

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