Pierre-Jacques Cazes
(French, 1676 - 1754)
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French Rococo painter. He studied under René-Antoine Houasse and Bon Boullogne.

He failed at the Prix de Rome in 1698 for The Finding of the Money in Benjamin's Sack (attributed to Poilly the Younger), but won it the following year with his Vision of Jacob in Egypt while going to see his son Joseph. He nonetheless never went to Rome.

He was admitted in the French Academy on 28 July 1703; his reception piece was Hercules Defeating Achelous. He had the best career possible since he climbed all the rungs of the Academy: adjunct professor on 28 September 1715, then professor on 30 April 1718, adjunct rector on 2 July 1737, rector on 6 July 1743, director on 28 March 1744 until 23 June 1747, and finally chancellor from 26 March 1746 until his death on 6 July 1754.

He made numerous religious paintings, but also mythological and gallant works, which were very appreciated by Frederic II.

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Name:Pierre-Jacques Cazes
Dates:1676 - 1754
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1754).

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