Eustache Le Sueur
(French, 1617 - 1655)
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French classical painter, son of a sculptor.

He trained under Simon Vouet, the most famous French painter and leading Baroque artist of the country. Even though he did not move to Italy as other painters of the time did, Le Sueur still became acquainted with the works of Raphael and Nicolas Poussin.

However, as he went a bit further than Poussin in adopting the ancient style, Le Sueur was said to be at the head of a school named "Atticism", in reference to Greek frescos and potteries. Despite its brevity (it did not really outlive Le Sueur), this school had a strong influence on the neoclassical artists of the next century.

He was one of the twelve founding members ("the Twelve Elders") of the French Academy of Painting on 1 February 1648 (he was directly appointed professor).

The Louvre Museum owns about a third of his works since Louis XVI bought an ensemble of 22 paintings telling the life of Saint-Bruno from the Chartreuse Convent. The museum also took several decorations from the Hôtel Lambert in Paris (which was decorated by Le Sueur), including depictions of the nine muses and the cycle of the life of Cupid. The hotel recently burnt and the remaining works of Le Sueur there are now lost (see here).

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Name:Eustache Le Sueur
Dates:1617 - 1655
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1655).

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