Otto Tilche, aka Alfred Calvert
Very few is known about this orientalist painter, specialized in aegyptian landscapes in watercolors. He signed mainly Otto Tilche (or with monogram OT) or A. Calvert, but both names could be pseudonyms (it seems he has used other pseudonyms too, but cannot find more information). His year of birth and death are not known with certainty (sometimes can be found: 1821 - 1894 but is this reliable?), but it seems sure that he was active during 19th century. His nation of birth is also unsure: it seems he was either english, either german (but sometimes he is said to be italian, although this seems not very reliable): in a recent book ("Hidden Talents" by Jeremy Wood), he is said to be english. His works are currently sold in auction rooms, including majors as Chrities.
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Name:Otto Tilche
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