Edy Legrand
(French, 1892 - 1970)
Édouard Léon Louis Warschawsky Legrand (aka Edy Legrand), French painter and illustrator.

Bordeaux 1892 - Bonnieux 1970.

Apart from his many paintings and sketches executed during his 20-year stay in Morocco (1933 to the early '50s), he illustrated a number of books, beginning with the children story Macao et Cosmage (1919) and comprising several books by Alexandre Dumas, Anatole France, Leo Tolstoi, André Maurois, Henri de Montherlant, Charles Baudelaire and André Malraux, not the least also Alphonse Daudet's Tartarin sur les Alpes (1930), Dante's Divine Comedy (1938), Goethe's Faust (1941) and an edition of Albert Camus's La peste (1950). He also illustrated various editions of the Bible in the late 1940's and early 1950's.


[1931] Paintings and Water Colors by Edy Legrand, New York: Marie Sterner Gallery 1931.

[1932] A List of Books Illustrated by Edy Legrand. Exhibited by the First Edition Club, London 1932.

[1961] Edy-Legrand. Painted between 1928-1935: Oils, Tempera, Pastels, and Drawings (February 27-March 18, 1961), San Francisco: Maxwell Galleries 1961 (exhibition catalogue).

[1993] Edy-Legrand, Voyages au Maroc 1933-1953, Galerie Christian Meissirel, Paris 1993 (exhibition catalogue).

[2005] Cecile Ritzenthaler, Jean-Pierre Chalon: Edy Legrand (1892-1970): Visions du Maroc, Paris: ACR 2005 (Les orientalistes 16).

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Name:Edy Legrand
Dates:1892 - 1970
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