H.C. Stilling
(1815 - 1891)
Harald Conrad Stilling, Danish painter and architect, Hørsholm 1815 - Frederiksberg 1891.

Stilling published a travel account about his journey to Egypt: Reise i Ægypten, Copenhagen: C.A. Reitzel 1869. Excerpts are accessible in this modern Danish anthology of Danish travel writers: Adam Holm & Anders Jerichow (eds.): Orientalske rejser. Danskeres oplevelser blandt beduiner, haremskvinder og sultaner 1755-1946, Copenhagen 2010, pp. 104 ff. (in Danish). For Stilling's book about his travels in Egypt, see also Emil Madsen: "De vigtigste af danske foretagne Rejser og Forskninger i Afrika", in: Geografisk Tidsskrift, Vol. 21 (1911), pp. 298-301 (in Danish).

The entry on Stilling in the Kunstindeks Danmark (Art Index Denmark): here.

Further reference:
Birgitte von Folsach: By the Light of the Crescent Moon. Images of the Near East in Danish art and literature, 1800-1875, Copenhagen: The David Collection 1996, pp. 42-48.

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Name:H.C. Stilling
Dates:1815 - 1891
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