Jeanne Donnadieu
(French, 1864)
This artist lived at 17 Rue Laval, Paris from 1885 to 1897 as known at present. (The road undwerwent a name change in 19887 to Rue Victor Massé.) In 1886 this placed her just 4 doors away from Vincent van Gogh and his brother Theo. She was taught by 4 tutors - Feyen-Perrin, Krug, Bin and Lévy. She was a regular at The Salon and in 1886 received an Honourable Mention for the portrait of Henri Pradines - Brother-in-law of President Charles De Freycinet. This artist was born in 1864. She lived mostly in Rue Laval, Montmartre, but can be traced to Pantin, near Paris, in 1914. Unfortunately she goes mysteriously off the scene and so far nothing more has been found on her later life and works.
Name:Jeanne Donnadieu
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There is no death date recorded in The Athenaeum for this person, but the birth date (1864) is less than 90 years before the current public domain cutoff date (in the United States) of 1946. It is assumed that they may have died after 1946, and are copyrighted.

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