Rosalba Carriera
(Italian, 1675 - 1757)
by Rosalba Carriera
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Venetian Rococo painter (Venice, 12 January 1675 - Venice, 15 April 1757). She may have learned painting with Giuseppe Diamantini.

She started to paint miniatures but later switched to pastels, with which she had a tremendous success. Indeed, her works were highly sought after and became as important as Canaletto's vedute for tourists. Hundreds of her flattering portraits were also done during her trips in Austria, France or Poland; King Augustus III of Saxony-Poland was particularly fond of her works and collected 150 of them. The Dresden Gemäldegalerie therefore owns the best collection of her pictures, although the major part of Augustus III's collection was dispersed after his death.

Rosalba notably made a triumphal journey to Paris in 1720. Her pastels were so popular that many French painters converted to this medium and followed her style, such as Quentin de la Tour and Perronneau.

Her career ended in 1746 after she became blind.

She was admitted in the French Academy during her stay in Paris in 1720, but she never really seated.

She was the sister-in-law of Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, another Venetian Rococo painter.

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Name:Rosalba Carriera
Dates:1675 - 1757
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