Eugène-Louis Boudin
(French, 1824 - 1898)
This person is associated with: Impressionism

Born in Honfleur, Normandy, Boudin started his career in a picture framing shop in Le Havre where, among his customers, was Jean Millet.For much of his life Boudin painted the beach and marine scenes in and around Honfleur and along the coast of Normandy.These were small, intimate scenes of life on the beach; he liked to concentrate on the luminous skies and beach activity.He would often repeat the same formula as witnessed in his numerous beach scenes at Trouville, for example.

Many of Boudin’s scenes were painted out of doors and he introduced this practice to the young Monet.Although his output is similar in style and subject matter to those of the Impressionists, Boudin is not generally considered a mainstream Impressionist.

His paintings have proved popular and can be seen in most major art galleries.He was a prolific artist and his output is in excess of 4,000 works.However, he is an artist who can be easily copied and due to his popularity, attribution can sometimes prove difficult.

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Name:Eugène-Louis Boudin
Dates:1824 - 1898
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Private collection982 artworks
Musée d'art moderne André Malraux(France - Le Havre)25 artworks
Musée Eugène Boudin(France - Honfleur)18 artworks
National Gallery - London(United Kingdom - London)9 artworks
Museum of Fine Arts - Boston(United States - Boston)8 artworks
Scottish National Gallery - National Galleries of Scotland(United Kingdom - Edinburgh)8 artworks
National Gallery of Art - Washington DC(United States - Washington)7 artworks
Musée d'Orsay(France - Paris)7 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY(United States - New York)6 artworks
Art Institute of Chicago(United States - Chicago)5 artworks
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - Legion of Honor(United States - San Francisco, California)5 artworks

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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1898).

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