Francis Danby
(Irish, 1793 - 1861)
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Irish born Romantic painter.

He was trained at the Dublin Society of Arts by James O'Connor, with whom he visited London in 1813. He stayed in England and settled to Bristol in 1813 where he essentially produced realistic landscapes, often with watercolours, characteristic of the Bristol School.

He started to exhibit at the Royal Academy in 1820, and showed the next year his first major work: Disappointed Love, carrying a strong romantic touch. Seeking for success, he moved to London in 1824 and was appointed associate of the Royal Academy the following year.

Once in the capital, he followed John Martin and his apocalyptic landscapes, by notably making the prized Opening of the Fifth Seal in 1828. He however left London in 1829 after his failure to be admitted in the academy, due to an extramarital affair he had, alongside financial difficulties.

He moved to Zurich, then Geneva, in Switzerland, where he surprisingly worked as a ship builder, therefore producing less artworks. His failure at this new job forced him to leave to Paris in 1836, then he moved back to London in 1840, exhibiting that year his masterpiece: the Deluge. He finally retired to Exmouth in Devon in 1847, where he however continued to paint until his death in 1861.

He was the master to his two sons, James and Thomas.

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Name:Francis Danby
Dates:1793 - 1861
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1861).

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