Giacomo Balla
(Italian, 1871 - 1958)
photo of artist at work, 1947
by Giacomo Balla
This person is associated with: Expressionism, Futurism

Italian painter who wrote manifestoes on Futurism.

He was born in 1872, went to paris in 1900, and in 1911 he coined the term futurism. He died in 1954.

Giacomo Balla (July 18, 1871, Turin, Piedmont – March 1, 1958) was an Italian painter. The complete Wikipedia article on Balla can be found here.

He signed "Futur Balla" on most of his works.

He was the master to Benedetta.

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Name:Giacomo Balla
Dates:1871 - 1958
Self Portraits
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This person died fewer than 70 years ago (in 1958).

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