Conrado Domínguez
(Mexican, 1950)
Conrado Domínguez Rodríguez, Mexican painter, born in 1950 in San Luis Potosi. Expert of the mixed media and tireless researcher of techniques and materials in the visual arts, has entered into various fields of artistic creation, such as painting, sculpture, etching and ceramics. From the nine years old enhanced for their creativity and love of art, won the first place in drawing in his home town, thus obtaining a grant from the Institute of Fine Arts Potosino. In 1963 he attended at painting and sculpture Workshop Chapel, in 1965 joined at the National School of Plastic Arts, in 1968 studied etching at the Popular Workshop, in 1971 etching on metal with the master Pal Anderson; in 1972 executed a contract of five murals in the highway Toluca Mexico; in 1973 began learning the techniques of tapestry in the Unit of IMSS Independence; in 1975 received a scholarship from the French government for three years to study at the École Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs, Atelier Rohner and etching at Atelier 17 of Stanley William Hayter. In 1978, after his stay in Paris, undertook a study tour of European countries, visiting museums and galleries, aware that nothing more can expand the picture of an artist, that knowledge of the works of the great masters of the all times. Back in Mexico, in 1979 began studies ceramics in Independence Unit of the IMSS. Since 1980 has been devoted to studying techniques and materials, research has allowed her to develop mixed media on sand natural. He has made more than thirty-eight individual exhibitions and two hundred forty group exhibitions both in Mexico and abroad. His murals are displayed in San Sperate, Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy), San Juan de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), Miami (Florida) and Mexico DF (Mexico); the most recent murals are on permanent exhibition at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.
Name:Conrado Domínguez
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