Pieter Bruegel the Elder
(Belgian, c. 1525 - 1569)
This person is associated with: Northern Renaissance

Famous as a painter of genre scenes featuring peasants and country folk, Bruegel was also a draughtsman and printmaker. Not much is known about Bruegel’s early life but he is recorded as working in Malines (present day Belgium) from about 1550. In 1551/2 he became a Master in the Antwerp Painters Guild. From the early 1550s Bruegel travelled to Italy and went as far south as Sicily. He returned to Antwerp in 1555 via the Alps and the mountain scenery had a profound influence on the types of pictures he would later produce.In the years following his return to the Low Countries he was employed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst (1502-1550). The artist had two sons, Pieter Brueghel II (the Younger) and Jan Brueghel. Both were talented painters; Pieter Brueghel II producing a number of similar genre scenes with peasants as his father. The Kunsthistoriches Museum (Art History Museum) in Vienna has an impressive collection of the artist's works.

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Name:Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Dates:c. 1525 - 1569
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Kunsthistorisches Museum(Austria - Vienna)72 artworks
Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique - Brussels(Belgium - Brussels)19 artworks
Museum of Fine Arts - Boston(United States - Boston)15 artworks
Szépmüvészeti Múzeum - Budapest(Hungary - Budapest)10 artworks
Gemäldegalerie - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin(Germany - Berlin)7 artworks
Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte(Italy - Naples)6 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY(United States - New York)6 artworks
British Museum(United Kingdom - London)5 artworks
National Gallery - London(United Kingdom - London)5 artworks
The Courtauld Gallery - London(United Kingdom - London)4 artworks
Národní galerie v Praze(Czech Republic - Prague)4 artworks

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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1569).

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