Correggio, aka Antonio Allegri
(Italian, c. 1489 - 1534)
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Italian High Renaissance painter, from Parma.

Correggio's early life is still largely unknown, but it is possible that he trained in the workshop of Andrea Mantegna. The severe and dark style of his first paintings indeed suggests the influence of Mantegna.

Then, Correggio established himself as an altarpiece and religious fresco painter in northern Italy. He moved to Parma in 1518, where he received several major commissions: the decorations of the camera of St Paolo Convent in 1519, then the Duomo of San Giovanni Evangelista in 1520, and the Duomo of Parma in 1526-8, his most impressive work so far.

However, Correggio is now mostly celebrated for his profane and sensual works produced for the Mantuan court. He indeed started to explore the subject in the mid 1520s with a pair of paintings on the education of Cupid (Venus, Cupid and a Satyr and the School of love). His talent caught the eye of the Gonzaga family, notably Isabella d'Este, who ordered him two pendants on the Allegories of Vices and Virtues for her Studiolo.

Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, son of Isabella d'Este and fabulous patron of the arts, then commissioned him a series of four paintings depicting the loves of Jupiter for his Palazzo Te. These masterpieces were so impressive that it seems Federico II never received the series and that they were instead bought by Emperor Charles V (it is also possible that Federico II offered them to Charles V). The series can then be traced in the most prestigious collections of the Early Modern Era; three of them could notably be found in the Orleans CollectionJupiter and Io and the Abduction of Ganymede are now in Vienna, Danae is located in the Galleria Borghese, and Leda is in Berlin.

The iconic series of the Loves of Jupiter had an enormous influence on western art; their treatment of colour, poses, dynamism, and eroticism inspired painters of every art movement until the end of the 19th century. Countless copies were made during almost four centuries after Correggio's death at a relatively young age.

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Dates:c. 1489 - 1534
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