Keeley Halswelle
(United Kingdom, 1832 - 1891)
British painter, Richmond (Surrey) 1832 - Paris 1891.

Halswelle was at first engaged in book illustration. Up into the 1860's, he contributed illustrations for editions of the poetical works of Byron, Scott, Wordsworth, Longfellow and Thomas Moore (most of these published in Edinburgh). In 1866, he was elected member of the Royal Scottish Academy, but in 1868 left for Italy and stayed for several years in Rome. Halswelle was then known as an artist whose inclination was either to paint from the life or to seek subjects in poems and pages of history. While in the Mediterranean, he also travelled to Menorca, Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal, but there is only vague information about his southern roamings.
After his return to England, he made his reputation as a landscapist in the late 1870's and was in 1882 elected a member of the Institute of Painters in Oils. The painting Tug and Timber-Barge (1880) is often referred to as the first notable result of Halswelle's turn towards depicting landscapes and the majesty of nature in general (and thus no longer wasting his talent, as some contemporaries thought, on genre scenes and "Italian lore"). By means of these noble productions [i.e. his landscape paintings] the artist has riveted the attention even of those persons who might be supposed to care little for the beauties of natural scenery or rare and sublime atmospheric effects(Meynell). In 1883, he published Six Years in a House-Boat: a Series of Eighty Pictures of the Thames Scenery (London: Agnew & Sons). Most of his today better-known works, all belonging to his paysagiste period, date from the 1880's.

Halswelle that ends well. (I borrowed this pun of dubious sagacity from the Dec. 22, 1883, issue of Punch, you'll find it there on p. 294).


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Name:Keeley Halswelle
Dates:1832 - 1891
Nationality:United Kingdom
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