Edouardo Ettore Forti
(Italian, c. 1875 - c. 1920)

Active 1880-1920. Little actual bio material has been found.

According to J. Paul Getty Museum:

"Very little is known about the life of Ettore Forti. He painted genre scenes and history paintings in Rome in the late 1800s and early 1900s in a realistic style similar to that of Lawrence Alma-Tadema. He concentrated on ancient Roman subjects, which were rarely based on actual historical events. With fastidious detail, he focused on the architectural features of ancient sites. The figures in Forti's paintings took second place to his elaborate renderings of grandiose ancient Roman architecture, detailed mosaic floors, and Roman frescoes."

Other sources report, he held exhibitions in Berlin between 1893 and 1897 and in 1905 he participated with two of his major works in oil Exposition of the Roman Society of Amateurs.

He preferred to paint subjects and genre scenes inspired by ancient Rome and favored those related to the history of Pompeii, the theme of great emotional success in the last thirty years of the nineteenth century, which he used to deal with expertise finish and photo-like reproduction.

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Name:Edouardo Ettore Forti
Dates:c. 1875 - c. 1920
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