Annibale Carracci
(Italian, 1560 - 1609)
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by Annibale Carracci
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Annibale was born in Bologna. He, along with his brother Agostino and his cousin, Ludovico, opened a painter’s studio in their native city. The brothers were influenced by both the Florentine painters in the draughtsmanship of the works undertaken at the time and also by the Venetian painters in their handling of colour. Both Annibale and Agostino studied the compositions of Titian during their travels around Italy in 1580-81. It is often difficult to distinguish the individual contributions the Carraccis made in Bologna, for example in some of the frescoes they executed.

In 1595 Annibale and Agostino travelled to Rome to undertake the frescoes for the Palazzo Farnese and during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries these were considered the pinnacle of fresco painting.

The Carracci brothers, founders of the most important and influential academy of art instruction in Italy, established a style which had a dominating influence in Italian painting for almost a century.  Under the leadership of Annibale, they synthesized elements from masters of the High Renaissance, notably Titian, Michelangelo, Raphael and Correggio, and created an eclectic but quite distinctive style.  Annibale was one of history's great masters of composition. 

He was the master to Albani, Domenichino and Guido Reni.

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Name:Annibale Carracci
Dates:1560 - 1609
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