Reynolds Beal
(American, 1867 - 1951)
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Reynolds Beal (October 11, 1866–1951) was an American artist, first an Impressionist, then a Modernist, a marine environmentalist, and brother of the New York Alpha Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at Cornell University. The elder brother of co-painter Gifford Beal was born in New York City or the Bronx. Reyn and his brother Gifford spent their summers at Wilellyn in Newburgh, New York, on the Hudson River. Reynolds and Gifford Beal would later design the gardens at Wilellyn. His father was William Reynolds Beal, whose brother Thaddeus owned Echo Lawn, not far away. Beal was a man of independent means, and was thus able to devote his life to his art without having always to appeal to the tastes of his patrons or to contemporary trends. In fact, Beal was thought of as "one of the adventurous experimenters" of his day and was considered "Modernist". Today he is recognized as being an important American ImpressionistThe complete Wikipedia article can be found her

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Name:Reynolds Beal
Dates:1867 - 1951
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This person died fewer than 70 years ago (in 1951).

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