Lucas van Valckenborch
(Dutch, 1530 - 1597)

Lucas van Valckenborch (1530-1579) was a landscape and genre painter in the Brueghel tradition. In 1560 he joined the painters’ guild in Mechelen. He fled to Liège in 1566, then to Aachen, then returned to Antwerp, and later became court painter to the Habsburg archduke and later Emperor Matthias, following him to Linz, Austria, after 1582. In 1592-93 he moved to Frankfurt, working there for the rest of his life. One of his students and cooperators was Georg Flegel (1566-1638).

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Name:Lucas van Valckenborch
Dates:1530 - 1597
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1597).

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