Edmond-Georges Grandjean
(French, 1844 - 1908)
This short biography was found at the Rosenstiel's Fine Art Publishing web site (http://www.felixr.com/information/biographies.asp):

"Edmond Grandjean was a fine painter of genre subjects and portraits.

He was born on 21 May, 1844, in Paris. Having finished his schooling in 1862, he decided to take up a career in art, and began studying at the Beaux-Arts school. During this time he was a pupil of Yvon, Signol and Pils.

Edmond Grandjean exhibited genre paintings and portraits at the Salon, Paris, in 1865. He also exhibited at Le Musée de Gray and galleries in Budapest. He also won several awards for his paintings over the years.

He died in 1908, in Paris."

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Name:Edmond-Georges Grandjean
Dates:1844 - 1908
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