Daniel Hermann Melbye
(Danish, 1818 - 1875)
(Copenhague 1818 - Paris 1875) Marine painter and etcher, brother of the painter Fritz Melbye. First big exhibition in Charlottenburgh in 1840 and he obtained the favour of the King Christian IV of Denmark. He gained fame in France, were he started to be attracted by exotic countries. he visited Morocco in 1843 and Constantinople in 1853 ambassador and travelled to the Virgin Islands soon after. Had an important paper in supporting Pissarro first attempts to become a painter in 1655. They together travelled from Virgin Islands to Venezuela, where theypainted exotic scenes and landscapes. Died in Paris where he gained honours. His works are represented in Bagneres, Copenhague, Hamburg and Stockholm.
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Name:Daniel Hermann Melbye
Dates:1818 - 1875
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1875).

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