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Institutions owning art

Belvoir CastleEngland (Grantham, Lincolnshire)2 artworks
Berwick Borough MuseumEngland (Berwick-upon-Tweed)1 artwork
Birmingham Museums and Art GalleryEngland (Birmingham)300 artworks
Bradford Art Galleries and MuseumsEngland (Bradford)125 artworks
Bristol City Museums and Art GalleryEngland (Bristol)92 artworks
Brotherton LibraryEngland1 artwork
Cambridge University LibraryEngland (Cambridge)1 artwork
Cartwright Hall Art GalleryEngland (Bradford)3 artworks
Devonshire CollectionEngland (Chatsworth)20 artworks
Ellen Terry Memorial MuseumEngland (Smallhythe, Kent)1 artwork
Eton CollegeEngland (Berkshire)2 artworks
Faringdon Collection TrustEngland (Buscot Park)3 artworks
Fine Art SocietyEngland (London)8 artworks
Freud MuseumEngland (London)1 artwork
Fulham Public LibraryEngland (London)1 artwork
Graves Art GalleryEngland (Sheffield)6 artworks
Hereford Museum and Art GalleryEngland (Herefordshire)9 artworks
Huddersfield LIbrary and Art GalleryEngland (Huddersfield)1 artwork
Ipswich Borough Council Museums and GalleriesEngland (Ipswich)24 artworks
Lambeth PalaceEngland (London)4 artworks
Leeds City Art GalleryEngland (Leeds)214 artworks
Lewis CollectionEngland2 artworks
Llandaff CathedralEngland (Cardiff)1 artwork
Maas GalleryEngland (London)4 artworks
Monk's HouseEngland (Rodmell, East Sussex)1 artwork
Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandEngland (London)19 artworks
Roy Miles galleryEngland (London)2 artworks
Sheffield City Art GalleriesEngland (Sheffield)266 artworks
Sotheby'sEngland (London)1 artwork
The British CouncilEngland (London)10 artworks
The Ruskin GalleryEngland (Coniston, Cumbria)6 artworks