Les Nabis
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Post-Impressionism

Dates: 1888-1905

Group of French painters active in the 1890s, who focused on painting as a decorative art, exploring pattern and ornament.
People associated with this movement
Pierre BonnardFrench, 1867-1947755 artworks
Maurice DenisFrench, 1870-1943310 artworks
Henri Gabriel IbelsFrench, 1867-19362 artworks
Georges LacombeFrench, 1868-191614 artworks
Aristide MaillolFrench, 1861-1944109 artworks
Paul RansonFrench, 1864-190980 artworks
József Rippl-RónaiHungarian, 1861-1930210 artworks
Ker Xavier RousselFrench, 1867-1944105 artworks
Paul SérusierFrench, 1864-1927153 artworks
Felix VallottonSwiss, 1865-1925268 artworks
Jan VerkadeDutch, 1868-19463 artworks
Edouard VuillardFrench, 1868-1940696 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Seated Nude, Bent Leg
Pierre Bonnard

Autumn, Hunter Mountain
Felix Vallotton

Moulin Rouge
József Rippl-Rónai

Edouard Vuillard

Place Clichy
Pierre Bonnard

Berthe Schaedlin
Pierre Bonnard

A Man and A Woman
Edouard Vuillard

Souvenir from Ramanel
Felix Vallotton

Female Portrait
József Rippl-Rónai

Grandmother and Child
Pierre Bonnard

Sur la plage
Maurice Denis

The Children's Lunch
Pierre Bonnard

Pastoral Symphony
Pierre Bonnard

Morning in Paris
Pierre Bonnard

Hat with Green Stripes
Edouard Vuillard

Paul Ranson

Standing Nude
Felix Vallotton

In the Bathroom
Pierre Bonnard
Important dates
Founding date:  1888
Why 1888?: Creation the group around Paul Sérusier after the exhibition of his painting 'the Talisman'.

End date:  1905
Why 1905?: Disbanding of the group in the beginning of the century.