Les Nabis
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Post-Impressionism

Dates: 1888-1905

Group of French painters active in the 1890s, who focused on painting as a decorative art, exploring pattern and ornament.
People associated with this movement
Pierre BonnardFrench, 1867-1947684 artworks
Maurice DenisFrench, 1870-1943293 artworks
Henri Gabriel IbelsFrench, 1867-19362 artworks
Georges LacombeFrench, 1868-191612 artworks
Aristide MaillolFrench, 1861-194472 artworks
Paul RansonFrench, 1864-190979 artworks
József Rippl-RónaiHungarian, 1861-1930209 artworks
Ker Xavier RousselFrench, 1867-1944103 artworks
Paul SerusierFrench, 1864-1927148 artworks
Felix VallottonSwiss, 1865-1925169 artworks
Jan VerkadeDutch, 1868-19462 artworks
Edouard VuillardFrench, 1868-1940648 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Frigyes Karinthy
József Rippl-Rónai

Girl on a Swing
Aristide Maillol

Reclining Woman
Pierre Bonnard

Harvest Scene
Paul Serusier

Noele's First Steps
Maurice Denis

Pierre Bonnard

Aristide Maillol

Geraniums and Snow-Balls
Edouard Vuillard

Villa at Saint-Jacut
Edouard Vuillard

Woman with a Plumed Hat
Felix Vallotton

The Striped Blouse
Edouard Vuillard

Portrait of Mihály Babits
József Rippl-Rónai
Important dates
Founding date:  1888
Why 1888?: Creation the group around Paul Sérusier after the exhibition of his painting 'the Talisman'.

End date:  1905
Why 1905?: Disbanding of the group in the beginning of the century.