(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1885-1914

This movement contains other movements: Les Nabis, Pointilism

Art movement from the 1880s to the First World War which extended and exaggerated the themes of Impressionism.
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Pont Neuf
Gustave Loiseau

The Ploughed Field
Vincent van Gogh

The Factory at Pontoise
Camille Pissarro

Canigou in Snow
James Dickson Innes

Blue Seine at Vernon
Pierre Bonnard

Baccarat - the Fur Cape
Walter Richard Sickert

Paul Signac

La Ronde
Camille Pissarro

In the Park
Maurice Prendergast

Rye, Sussex
James Bolivar Manson

Surf, Nantasket
Maurice Prendergast

The Green Collar
Pierre Bonnard

Meadows at Eragny
Camille Pissarro

Nono in a hat
Henri Lebasque
Top 10 museums with Post-Impressionist art
Musée d'Orsay - ParisFrance (Paris)176 artworks
Van Gogh Museum - AmsterdamNetherlands (Amsterdam)147 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NYUnited States (New York)120 artworks
Tate Britain - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)110 artworks
Kröller-Müller Museum - OtterloNetherlands (Otterlo)104 artworks
National Gallery of Art - Washington DCUnited States (Washington)98 artworks
Hermitage Museum - St-PetersburgRussian Federation (St. Petersburg)69 artworks
Art Institute of ChicagoUnited States (Chicago)61 artworks
The Barnes FoundationUnited States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)54 artworks
Ashmolean Museum - OxfordUnited Kingdom (Oxford)48 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1885
Why 1885?: The end of the impressionist movement created new opportunities for artists who had trained under its great masters; they split in several groups which tried to create new techniques of painting.

End date:  1914
Why 1914?: Rise of Expressionism and death of the prominent artists.