Skagen Painters
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Impressionism

Dates: 1878-1910

Scandinavian painters who met in the coastal village of Skagen, on the top of Denmark. They followed the French impressionists and painted "en plein air" many bright landscapes and genre scenes, especially fishermen.
People associated with this movement
Anna AncherSwedish, 1859-193556 artworks
Michael-Peter AncherDanish, 1849-19277 artworks
Christian KrohgDanish, 1852-192513 artworks
Johan KrouthénSwedish, 1858-1932472 artworks
Marie Triepcke KroyerDanish, 1867-19401 artwork
Peder Severin KroyerNorwegian, 1851-190983 artworks
Eilif PeterssenNorwegian, 1852-19285 artworks
Fritz ThaulowNorwegian, 1847-190679 artworks
Laurits TuxenDanish, 1853-19272 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1878

End date:  1910