De Stijl
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Abstract art

Dates: 1917-1931

Dutch abstract art movement (also influential in architecture) which focused on linear and cubic forms and the use of only the colours black and white and the primary colours red, yellow and blue. Its theoritical fundament is called neoplasticism.

Principal members
People associated with this movement
Burgoyne DillerAmerican, 1906-19653 artworks
Theo van DoesburgDutch, 1883-193111 artworks
Vilmos HuszárHungarian, 1884-19602 artworks
Piet MondrianDutch, 1872-194477 artworks
Georges VantongerlooBelgian, 1886-19651 artwork
Important dates
Founding date:  1917
Why 1917?: Creation of the journal De Stijl ("The Style") by Theo van Doesburg.

End date:  1931
Why 1931?: Death of Van Doesburg (1931).