Abstract art
(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1914-1960

This movement contains other movements: Abstraction-Création, Suprematism, De Stijl, Abstract Expressionism

Art movement issued from Expressionism which aimed to totally abandoned figurative art in favour of abstraction. So their compositions often represent colourful geometric shapes.
People associated with this movement
William BaziotesAmerican, 1912-19631 artwork
Ilya ChashnikRussian, 1902-19294 artworks
Robert DelaunayFrench, 1885-194144 artworks
Burgoyne DillerAmerican, 1906-19652 artworks
Theo van DoesburgDutch, 1883-19313 artworks
Arshile GorkyAmerican, 1904-1948130 artworks
Auguste HerbinFrench, 1882-1960161 artworks
Hans HofmannGerman, 1880-19662 artworks
Vilmos HuszárHungarian, 1884-19601 artwork
Mainie JellettIrish, 1897-194464 artworks
Wassily KandinskyRussian, 1866-1944235 artworks
Franz KlineAmerican, 1910-19623 artworks
Ivan KliunRussian, 1873-19434 artworks
Frantisec KupkaCzech, 1871-1957116 artworks
Stanton Macdonald-WrightAmerican, 1890-19737 artworks
Kasimir MalevichRussian, 1878-193533 artworks
Alice Trumbull MasonAmerican, 1904-19711 artwork
László Moholy-NagyHungarian, 1895-194615 artworks
Piet MondrianDutch, 1872-194451 artworks
Irene Rice PereiraAmerican, 1902-19711 artwork
John PiperEnglish, 1903-199219 artworks
Jackson PollockAmerican, 1912-19565 artworks
Liubov PopovaRussian, 1889-19244 artworks
Alfred RethHungarian, 1884-196615 artworks
Mark RothkoLithuanian, 1903-19704 artworks
Olga RozanovaRussian, 1886-19182 artworks
Kurt SchwittersGerman, 1887-194843 artworks
Nikolai SuetinRussian, 1897-19542 artworks
Sophie Taeuber-ArpSwiss, 1889-19433 artworks
Leon Arthur TutundjianArmenian, 1905-19681 artwork
Georges VantongerlooBelgian, 1886-19651 artwork
Friedrich Vordemberge-GildewartGerman, 1897-19631 artwork
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Kallmünz, Rainy Day
Wassily Kandinsky

The Three Graces
Mainie Jellett

The Black Idol
Frantisec Kupka

LIfe at the Grand Hotel
Kasimir Malevich

Corsican Landscape
Auguste Herbin

Mainie Jellett

Femmes dans un bois
Piet Mondrian

Number 23
Jackson Pollock

Auguste Herbin

Sign with Accompaniment
Wassily Kandinsky

Frantisec Kupka

Improvisation No. 20
Wassily Kandinsky

Auguste Herbin

Auguste Herbin

Cornfield of Health
Arshile Gorky

Making the Calendar
Arshile Gorky

Auguste Herbin

Blue Poles
Jackson Pollock

Woman at Her Desk
Alfred Reth
Important dates
Founding date:  1914
Why 1914?: First abstracts movements in Russia with Suprematism and in France with Orphism.

End date:  1960
Why 1960?: The Golden Age of Abstract art ended in the Sixties, replaced by Pop Art. However, the style has never really disappeared and is still a important part of the contemporary art production.