(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1924-1970

European literature and visual arts movement. Its members created compositions where elements were painted in a realistic way, with accurate brush strokes, but put together in improbable or grotesque poses in order to represent dreams.
People associated with this movement
Victor BraunerRomanian, 1903-196687 artworks
André BretonFrench, 1896-19661 artwork
Salvador DalìSpanish, 1904-198942 artworks
Giorgio de ChiricoGreek, 1888-197843 artworks
Paul DelvauxBelgian, 1897-199424 artworks
Oscar DominguezSpanish, 1906-195848 artworks
Marcel DuchampFrench, 1887-19684 artworks
Max ErnstGerman, 1891-197641 artworks
René MagritteBelgian, 1898-1967317 artworks
Andre MassonFrench, 1896-198739 artworks
Joan MiróSpanish, 1893-198354 artworks
Wolfgang PaalenAustrian, 1905-19595 artworks
Man RayAmerican, 1890-19769 artworks
Kay SageAmerican, 1898-19635 artworks
Jindřich ŠtyrskýCzech, 1899-19424 artworks
Yves TanguyFrench, 1900-195554 artworks
Dorothea TanningGerman, 1910-20121 artwork
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Le Pèlerin
René Magritte

Le Pensée Pafaite
René Magritte

Female Equestrian
Victor Brauner

La miroir universel
René Magritte

Hanmur Trilogy
Wolfgang Paalen

Yves Tanguy

The Round Window
Paul Delvaux

La Découverte du Feu
René Magritte

La Nuit d'Amour
René Magritte

Standing Woman
René Magritte

Le Masque vide
René Magritte

La grande table
René Magritte

Joan Miró

René Magritte

René Magritte

Passivity Fulfilled
Victor Brauner
Important dates
Founding date:  1924
Why 1924?: Publishing of the Surrealist Manifesto by André Breton.

End date:  1970
Why 1970?: Death of André Breton (1966) and end of Situationist International (1972).