(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1924-1970

European literature and visual arts movement. Its members created compositions where elements were painted in a realistic way, with accurate brush strokes, but put together in improbable or grotesque poses in order to represent dreams.
People associated with this movement
Victor BraunerRomanian, 1903-196679 artworks
André BretonFrench, 1896-19661 artwork
Salvador DaliSpanish, 1904-198934 artworks
Giorgio de ChiricoGreek, 1888-197823 artworks
Paul DelvauxBelgian, 1897-199415 artworks
Oscar DominguezSpanish, 1906-195841 artworks
Marcel DuchampFrench, 1887-19682 artworks
Max ErnstGerman, 1891-19769 artworks
Rene MagritteBelgian, 1898-1967298 artworks
Andre MassonFrench, 1896-198721 artworks
Joan MiróSpanish, 1893-198321 artworks
Wolfgang PaalenAustrian, 1905-19595 artworks
Man RayAmerican, 1890-19764 artworks
Kay SageAmerican, 1898-19631 artwork
Jindřich ŠtyrskýCzech, 1899-19422 artworks
Yves TanguyFrench, 1900-195548 artworks
Dorothea TanningGerman, 1910-20121 artwork
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Cavalli e Cavalieri
Giorgio de Chirico

Max Ernst

Giorgio de Chirico

Nu debout
Rene Magritte

Yves Tanguy

La Grande Marée
Rene Magritte

Man with a Newspaper
Rene Magritte

Titre Inconnu
Yves Tanguy

La belle captive
Rene Magritte

La Décalcomanie
Rene Magritte

The Jewish Angel
Giorgio de Chirico

Determining a Space
Victor Brauner

Panorama Populaire
Rene Magritte

La Folie Almayer
Rene Magritte

Reclining Nude
Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte

Le Race blanche
Rene Magritte
Important dates
Founding date:  1924
Why 1924?: Publishing of the Surrealist Manifesto by André Breton.

End date:  1970
Why 1970?: Death of André Breton (1966) and end of Situationist International (1972).