Early Renaissance
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Renaissance

Dates: 1420-1500

People associated with this movement
Fra AngelicoItalian, 1387-145583 artworks
Jacopo di AntonioItalian, 1427-14544 artworks
Alesso BaldovinettiItalian, 1425-14997 artworks
Gentile BelliniItalian, 1429-150727 artworks
Giovanni BelliniItalian, 1430-1516159 artworks
Jacopo BelliniItalian, 1400-147033 artworks
Pedro BerrugueteSpanish, 1450-150420 artworks
Boccaccio BoccaccinoItalian, 1467-15251 artwork
Benedetto BonfigliItalian, 1420-14963 artworks
Sandro BotticelliItalian, 1445-1510135 artworks
Frencesco BotticiniItalian, 1446-14976 artworks
Francesco del CossaItalian, 1430-147716 artworks
Carlo CrivelliItalian, 1435-149523 artworks
Taddeo CrivelliItalian, 1425-14791 artwork
Antonello da MessinaItalian, 1430-14796 artworks
Andrea del CastagnoItalian, 1421-145713 artworks
Neri di BicciItalian, 1419-14917 artworks
Matteo di Giovanni di BartoloItalian, 1430-149511 artworks
Giovanni di PaoloItalian, 1398-148230 artworks
Vincenzo FoppaItalian, 1430-151516 artworks
Piero della FrancescaItalian, 1422-149211 artworks
Domenico GhirlandaioItalian, 1449-149493 artworks
Matteo di GiovanniItalian, 1430-149522 artworks
Benozzo GozzoliItalian, 1421-14977 artworks
Fra Filippo LippiItalian, 1406-146967 artworks
Zanobi MachiavelliItalian, 1418-14793 artworks
Andrea MantegnaItalian, 1431-1506103 artworks
MasaccioItalian, 1401-142821 artworks
Ambrosi MelozzoItalian, 1438-149412 artworks
Domenico di MichelinoItalian, 1417-14912 artworks
Antonio del PollaiuoloItalian, 1433-14989 artworks
Piero PollaiuoloItalian, 1441-149611 artworks
Ercole de' RobertiItalian, 1451-149618 artworks
Antoniazzo RomanoItalian, 1430-15108 artworks
Cosmè TuraItalian, 1430-149526 artworks
Paolo UccelloItalian, 1397-147511 artworks
Domenico VenezianoItalian, 1410-146112 artworks
Antonio VivariniItalian, 1410-14807 artworks
Marco ZoppoItalian, 1433-14788 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Madonna and Child
Giovanni Bellini

Antoniazzo Romano

Portrait of a Man
Andrea Mantegna

Fra Angelico

Pedro Berruguete
Pedro Berruguete

The Nativity
Piero della Francesca

St Sixtus II
Sandro Botticelli

Madonna and Child
Fra Angelico

Portrait of a Young Woman
Sandro Botticelli
Important dates
Founding date:  1420

End date:  1500