Early Renaissance
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Renaissance

Dates: 1420-1500

People associated with this movement
Jacopo di AntonioItalian, 1427-14544 artworks
Alessio BaldovinettiItalian, 1425-14997 artworks
Gentile BelliniItalian, 1429-150728 artworks
Giovanni BelliniItalian, 1430-1516165 artworks
Jacopo BelliniItalian, 1400-147034 artworks
Pedro BerrugueteSpanish, 1450-150422 artworks
Boccaccio BoccaccinoItalian, 1467-15251 artwork
Benedetto BonfigliItalian, 1420-14963 artworks
Sandro BotticelliItalian, 1445-1510141 artworks
Francesco BotticiniItalian, 1446-149741 artworks
Andrea del CastagnoItalian, 1421-145714 artworks
Francesco del CossaItalian, 1430-147716 artworks
Carlo CrivelliItalian, 1430-149533 artworks
Taddeo CrivelliItalian, 1425-14791 artwork
Neri di BicciItalian, 1419-149114 artworks
Matteo di Giovanni di BartoloItalian, 1430-149510 artworks
DonatelloItalian, 1386-146627 artworks
Vincenzo FoppaItalian, 1430-151516 artworks
Fra AngelicoItalian, 1395-1455146 artworks
Piero della FrancescaItalian, 1415-149215 artworks
Lorenzo GhibertiItalian, 1378-14552 artworks
Domenico GhirlandaioItalian, 1449-149496 artworks
Matteo di GiovanniItalian, 1430-149523 artworks
Benozzo GozzoliItalian, 1421-149710 artworks
Fra Filippo LippiItalian, 1406-146969 artworks
Zanobi MachiavelliItalian, 1418-14793 artworks
Andrea MantegnaItalian, 1431-1506106 artworks
MasaccioItalian, 1401-142822 artworks
Melozzo da ForlìItalian, 1438-149412 artworks
Antonello da MessinaItalian, 1430-147927 artworks
Domenico di MichelinoItalian, 1417-14912 artworks
Giovanni di PaoloItalian, 1398-148239 artworks
PisanelloItalian, 1395-145517 artworks
Antonio del PollaiuoloItalian, 1433-149810 artworks
Piero PollaiuoloItalian, 1441-149612 artworks
Andrea della RobbiaItalian, 1435-152513 artworks
Ercole de' RobertiItalian, 1451-149618 artworks
Antoniazzo RomanoItalian, 1430-151012 artworks
Cosimo RosselliItalian, 1439-150724 artworks
Jacopo da SellaioItalian, 1442-149326 artworks
Cosmè TuraItalian, 1430-149527 artworks
Paolo UccelloItalian, 1397-147513 artworks
Domenico VenezianoItalian, 1410-146118 artworks
Andrea del VerrocchioItalian, 1435-148829 artworks
Alvise VivariniItalian, 1442-150310 artworks
Antonio VivariniItalian, 1410-148017 artworks
Bartolommeo VivariniItalian, 1432-149917 artworks
Marco ZoppoItalian, 1433-14789 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Christ Blessing
Alvise Vivarini

Piero Pollaiuolo

The Resurrection
Andrea Mantegna


Head of an Angel
Melozzo da Forlì

Christ Blessing
Fra Angelico

St Mark the Evangelist
Domenico Ghirlandaio

Saint Dominic
Cosmè Tura

Fra Filippo Lippi

Saint Peter Martyr
Fra Angelico

Portrait of a Man
Antonello da Messina

Madonna and Child
Vincenzo Foppa

Virgin and Child
Andrea della Robbia
Important dates
Founding date:  1420

End date:  1500