Northern Renaissance
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Renaissance

Dates: 1500-1590

Art movement which occurred mainly in Germany and the Low Countries when the Renaissance style spread outside Italy and mixed with Late Gothic and Early Netherlandish styles.
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Design for a Pendant
Hans Holbein the Younger

Island Abode
Albrecht Dürer

The Lamentation
Lucas Cranach the Elder

Albrecht Dürer

Judith Victorious
Lucas Cranach the Elder

Portrait of a Woman
Lucas Cranach the Elder

Large Horse
Albrecht Dürer

Landscape with a Footbridge
Albrecht Altdorfer

The Annunciation
Bartholomäeus Bruyn the Elder

A Male Donor
Adriaen Isenbrandt
Important dates
Founding date:  1500
Why 1500?: Dürer returned from Italy to Nuremberg where his workshop produced a considerable amount of prints, sold all over Northern Europe.

End date:  1590
Why 1590?: Artists moved to Baroque.