(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1440-1590

This movement contains other movements: Early Renaissance, Northern Renaissance, High Renaissance, Mannerism

Period of fundamental discoveries in arts and science which shaped the modern western world. In painting, artists wanted to depict realistic proportions and colours by taking their inspiration from classical antiquity.
People associated with this movement
Pieter AertsenDutch, 1508-157524 artworks
Alessandro AlloriItalian, 1535-160722 artworks
Albrecht AltdorferGerman, 1480-153817 artworks
Fra AngelicoItalian, 1387-145579 artworks
Lucia AnguissolaItalian, 1538-15656 artworks
Jacopo di AntonioItalian, 1427-14544 artworks
Il BacchiaccaItalian, 1494-155721 artworks
Alesso BaldovinettiItalian, 1425-14997 artworks
Hans Baldung GrienGerman, 1485-154591 artworks
Jacopo BarbariItalian, 1445-151635 artworks
Fra BartolommeoItalian, 1472-151717 artworks
Francesco Bassano the YoungerItalian, 1549-159227 artworks
Gerolamo BassanoItalian, 1566-16211 artwork
Jacopo BassanoItalian, 1510-159251 artworks
Leandro BassanoItalian, 1557-162215 artworks
Gentile BelliniItalian, 1429-150727 artworks
Giovanni BelliniItalian, 1430-1516162 artworks
Jacopo BelliniItalian, 1400-147033 artworks
Ambrogio BergognoneItalian, 1453-15234 artworks
Pedro BerrugueteSpanish, 1450-150419 artworks
John Bettes the ElderEnglish, 1531-15703 artworks
Joachim BeuckelaerBelgian, 1534-157432 artworks
Giovanni Francesco BezziItalian, 1510-15714 artworks
Boccaccio BoccaccinoItalian, 1467-15251 artwork
Giovanni Antonio BoltraffioItalian, 1467-151619 artworks
Benedetto BonfigliItalian, 1420-14963 artworks
Paris BordoneItalian, 1500-157148 artworks
Sandro BotticelliItalian, 1445-1510133 artworks
Frencesco BotticiniItalian, 1446-14975 artworks
Donato BramanteItalian, 1444-15141 artwork
BramantinoItalian, 1456-15309 artworks
Jörg Breu the ElderGerman, 1475-15374 artworks
Michelangelo BuonarrotiItalian, 1475-1564161 artworks
Vincenzo CampiItalian, 1536-159110 artworks
Polidoro da CaravaggioItalian, 1497-15436 artworks
Giovanni CarianiItalian, 1485-154720 artworks
Jacopo PontormoItalian, 1494-155722 artworks
Joos van CleveDutch, 1485-154049 artworks
Franҫois ClouetFrench, 1515-157215 artworks
CorreggioItalian, 1489-153459 artworks
Piero di CosimoItalian, 1462-152214 artworks
Lorenzo Costa the ElderItalian, 1460-153524 artworks
Lucas Cranach the ElderGerman, 1472-1553124 artworks
Carlo CrivelliItalian, 1435-149520 artworks
Taddeo CrivelliItalian, 1425-14791 artwork
Cima da ConeglianoItalian, 1459-151721 artworks
Antonello da MessinaItalian, 1430-14796 artworks
Herri Met de BlesBelgian, 1510-15601 artwork
Andrea del CastagnoItalian, 1421-14575 artworks
Neri di BicciItalian, 1419-14916 artworks
Lorenzo di CrediItalian, 1459-15376 artworks
Masolino di CristoforoItalian, 1383-14479 artworks
Matteo di Giovanni di BartoloItalian, 1430-149511 artworks
Giovanni di PaoloItalian, 1398-148228 artworks
Battista DossiItalian, 1490-15484 artworks
Dosso DossiItalian, 1490-154237 artworks
Hans EworthDutch, 1520-15786 artworks
Frans FlorisBelgian, 1520-15706 artworks
Lavinia FontanaItalian, 1552-16148 artworks
Vincenzo FoppaItalian, 1430-151516 artworks
Piero della FrancescaItalian, 1422-149210 artworks
Francesco FranciaItalian, 1450-151720 artworks
Domenico GhirlandaioItalian, 1449-149491 artworks
Francesco di Giorgio MartiniItalian, 1439-15025 artworks
Giorgio da CastelfrancoItalian, 1477-151018 artworks
Palma GiovaneItalian, 1544-16289 artworks
Matteo di GiovanniItalian, 1430-14954 artworks
Jan Gossaert (Called Mabuse)Belgian, 1478-153219 artworks
Benozzo GozzoliItalian, 1421-14977 artworks
Matthias GrunewaldGerman, 1470-152818 artworks
Hans Holbein the YoungerGerman, 1497-1543151 artworks
Adriaen IsenbrandtBelgian, 1485-155111 artworks
Leonardo da VinciItalian, 1452-151938 artworks
Filippino LippiItalian, 1457-150482 artworks
Fra Filippo LippiItalian, 1406-146967 artworks
Lorenzo LottoItalian, 1480-155726 artworks
Girolamo MacchiettiItalian, 1535-15924 artworks
Zanobi MachiavelliItalian, 1418-14793 artworks
Jan MandijnDutch, 1500-15603 artworks
Andrea MantegnaItalian, 1431-1506102 artworks
MasaccioItalian, 1401-142820 artworks
Cornelis MassysBelgian, 1510-15563 artworks
Ambrosi MelozzoItalian, 1438-149412 artworks
Domenico di MichelinoItalian, 1417-14911 artwork
Moretto da BresciaItalian, 1498-155429 artworks
Antonio MoroDutch, 1520-157810 artworks
Giovanni Battista MoroniItalian, 1523-157848 artworks
Jan MostaertDutch, 1472-15551 artwork
ParmigianinoItalian, 1503-154020 artworks
Bartolomeo PassarottiItalian, 1529-15926 artworks
Pietro PeruginoItalian, 1445-152392 artworks
Marco PinoItalian, 1521-15837 artworks
PinturicchioItalian, 1454-15135 artworks
Sebastiano del PiomboItalian, 1485-154714 artworks
Antonio del PollaiuoloItalian, 1433-14989 artworks
Piero PollaiuoloItalian, 1441-149611 artworks
Pieter PourbusBelgian, 1523-15841 artwork
Giovanni Ambrogio de PredisItalian, 1455-150813 artworks
Scipione PulzoneItalian, 1542-15987 artworks
RaphaelItalian, 1483-1520193 artworks
Ercole de' RobertiItalian, 1451-149618 artworks
Girolamo RomaniItalian, 1485-15662 artworks
Antoniazzo RomanoItalian, 1430-15108 artworks
Giulio RomanoItalian, 1499-15468 artworks
Rosso FiorentinoItalian, 1494-15402 artworks
Andrea del SartoItalian, 1486-153011 artworks
Giovanni Gerolamo SavoldoItalian, 1480-15488 artworks
Luca SignorelliItalian, 1445-152324 artworks
Isaac Claesz van SwanenburgDutch, 1537-16244 artworks
Tintoretto, JacopoItalian, 1518-159483 artworks
TitianItalian, 1485-1576230 artworks
Michele TosiniItalian, 1503-15775 artworks
Cosmè TuraItalian, 1430-149520 artworks
Paolo UccelloItalian, 1397-147511 artworks
Perino del VagaItalian, 1501-15743 artworks
Jan Sanders Van HemessenBelgian, 1500-156610 artworks
Palma VecchioItalian, 1480-15285 artworks
Bartolomeo VenetoItalian, 1480-154635 artworks
Domenico VenezianoItalian, 1410-14619 artworks
Paolo VeroneseItalian, 1528-158874 artworks
Antonio VivariniItalian, 1410-14807 artworks
Daniele da VolterraItalian, 1509-15663 artworks
Marco ZoppoItalian, 1433-14788 artworks
Top 10 museums with Renaissance art
National Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)285 artworks
Galleria degli Uffizi - FlorenceItaly (Florence)180 artworks
Cappella Sistina - Vatican CityHoly See (Vatican City State) (Città del Vaticano)151 artworks
National Gallery of Art - Washington DCUnited States (Washington)140 artworks
Musée du Louvre - ParisFrance (Paris)136 artworks
Museo del Prado - MadridSpain (Madrid)94 artworks
Palazzo Apostolico - VaticanHoly See (Vatican City State) (Vatican City)84 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NYUnited States (New York)82 artworks
Galleria dell Accademia - VeniceItaly (Venice)80 artworks
Gemäldegalerie - BerlinGermany (Berlin)78 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1440
Why 1440?: Invention of printing press which allowed a better circulation of knowledge and, in the case of the arts, engravings and painting techniques.

End date:  1590