(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Expressionism

Dates: 1909-1918

Italian movement, which also spread to Russia. Both groups tried to urge the modernisation of their archaic country by glorifying technology, speed, machinery and even violence. These ideas led some futurists to support Fascism.
People associated with this movement
Giacomo BallaItalian, 1871-195845 artworks
Umberto BoccioniItalian, 1882-191626 artworks
David Davidovich BurliukRussian, 1882-196726 artworks
Carlo CarrĂ Italian, 1881-19669 artworks
Fortunato DeperoItalian, 1892-19601 artwork
Natalia GoncharovaRussian, 1881-196291 artworks
Mikhail Fedorovich LarionovRussian, 1881-196416 artworks
Liubov PopovaRussian, 1889-19244 artworks
Luigi RussoloItalian, 1883-19474 artworks
Gino SeveriniItalian, 1883-196623 artworks
Mario SironiItalian, 1885-19618 artworks
Ardengo SofficiItalian, 1879-19641 artwork
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Natalia Goncharova

futur 1923
Giacomo Balla

The Bathers
Mikhail Fedorovich Larionov

The Galleria in Milan
Carlo CarrĂ 

Woman with Watering Can
David Davidovich Burliuk

The Laugh
Umberto Boccioni

Still Life with Mimosa
Natalia Goncharova

The Drinker
Umberto Boccioni

Outdoor Portrait
Giacomo Balla

Spanish Costume
Natalia Goncharova

The Solidity of Fog
Luigi Russolo

Green Pears
Mikhail Fedorovich Larionov

Washing the Linen
Natalia Goncharova

Roses in a Vase
Natalia Goncharova

Landscape on Long Island
David Davidovich Burliuk

Spanish Dancers
Natalia Goncharova

Deliciae Populi
Gino Severini
Important dates
Founding date:  1909
Why 1909?: Publishing of the 'Futurist Manifesto' by Italian poet Marinetti.

End date:  1918
Why 1918?: The war put an end to the Italian group, whereas it lasted a few years longer in Russia.