(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1905-1940

This movement contains other movements: Der Blaue Reiter, Cubism, Die Brücke, Bauhaus, Dada, Fauvism, Futurism

European art movement which consisted on many small and short-living groups. Each one painted with unconventional colours and distorted perspectives in order to "express" personal emotions.

People associated with this movement
Alexandr ArchipenkoUkrainian, 1887-196413 artworks
Alice BaillySwiss, 1872-1938122 artworks
Giacomo BallaItalian, 1871-195855 artworks
Max BeckmannGerman, 1884-1950475 artworks
Albert BlochGerman, 1882-19619 artworks
Umberto BoccioniItalian, 1882-191632 artworks
Georges BraqueFrench, 1882-1963359 artworks
David Davidovich BurliukRussian, 1882-196792 artworks
Charles CamoinFrench, 1879-1965165 artworks
Heinrich CampendonkGerman, 1889-195726 artworks
Benedetta Cappa MarinettiItalian, 1897-197710 artworks
Carlo CarràItalian, 1881-196628 artworks
Marc ChagallFrench, 1887-1985220 artworks
Lovis CorinthGerman, 1858-1925292 artworks
Tullio CraliItalian, 1910-20006 artworks
Robert DelaunayFrench, 1885-1941109 artworks
Fortunato DeperoItalian, 1892-19601 artwork
André DerainFrench, 1880-1954316 artworks
Otto DixGerman, 1891-196967 artworks
Raoul DufyFrench, 1877-1953950 artworks
Henri-Jacques EvenepoelBelgian, 1872-18998 artworks
Lyonel FeiningerAmerican, 1871-1956234 artworks
Roger de la FresnayeFrench, 1885-192581 artworks
Achille Emile-Othon FrieszFrench, 1879-1949298 artworks
Albert GleizesFrench, 1881-195387 artworks
Natalia GoncharovaRussian, 1881-1962125 artworks
Juan GrisSpanish, 1887-1927492 artworks
Erich HeckelGerman, 1883-197085 artworks
Alexei JawlenskyRussian, 1864-1941681 artworks
Wassily KandinskyRussian, 1866-1944267 artworks
Ernst Ludwig KirchnerGerman, 1880-1938263 artworks
Paul KleeSwiss, 1879-1940239 artworks
Mikhail Fedorovich LarionovRussian, 1881-196452 artworks
Maggie LaubserSouth African, 1886-19730 artworks
Marie LaurencinFrench, 1883-1956295 artworks
Henri LaurensFrench, 1885-19549 artworks
Henri Le FauconnierFrench, 1881-19465 artworks
Fernand LégerFrench, 1881-1955493 artworks
Wyndham Lewis1882-195753 artworks
André LhoteFrench, 1885-1962331 artworks
Jacques LipchitzLithuanian, 1891-19735 artworks
August MackeGerman, 1887-1914108 artworks
Henri ManguinFrench, 1874-1949166 artworks
Franz MarcGerman, 1880-1916343 artworks
Louis MarcoussisPolish, 1883-194181 artworks
Albert MarquetFrench, 1875-1947457 artworks
Henri MatisseFrench, 1869-1954773 artworks
Jean MetzingerFrench, 1883-1956154 artworks
Paula Modersohn-BeckerGerman, 1876-1907147 artworks
Amedeo ModiglianiItalian, 1884-1920313 artworks
Otto MüellerGerman, 1874-193030 artworks
Edvard MunchNorwegian, 1863-19441672 artworks
Gabrielle MünterGerman, 1878-1955130 artworks
Emil NoldeGerman, 1867-19561102 artworks
Hermann Max PechsteinGerman, 1881-1955192 artworks
Constant PermekeBelgian, 1886-19528 artworks
Pablo PicassoSpanish, 1881-1973528 artworks
Liubov PopovaRussian, 1889-192475 artworks
Jean PuyFrench, 1876-196019 artworks
Alfred RethHungarian, 1884-196617 artworks
Georges RouaultFrench, 1871-1958404 artworks
Henri RousseauFrench, 1855-1910118 artworks
Luigi RussoloItalian, 1883-19474 artworks
Egon SchieleAustrian, 1890-1918352 artworks
Karl Schmidt-RottluffGerman, 1884-197664 artworks
Gino SeveriniItalian, 1883-196648 artworks
Mario SironiItalian, 1885-196114 artworks
Ardengo SofficiItalian, 1879-19641 artwork
Chaim SoutineBelarusan, 1894-1943532 artworks
Howard TangyeAustralian36 artworks
Maurice de VlaminckFrench, 1876-1958885 artworks
Johann Heinrich VogelerGerman, 1872-194246 artworks
Edward Wadsworth1889-194953 artworks
Max WeberPolish, 1881-196155 artworks
Albert WeisgerberGerman, 1878-19153 artworks
Marianne von WerefkinRussian, 1860-1938109 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Bathing Man
Edvard Munch

Still Life
Jean Metzinger

Pablo Picasso

Happy Omen
Alice Bailly

Two Ovals
Wassily Kandinsky

Georges Rouault

Head by Head
Edvard Munch

Ceret Landscape
Chaim Soutine

Two Guttersnipes
Egon Schiele

Rolf Stenersen
Edvard Munch

Country Scene
André Lhote

Green Plums and Lemon
Georges Braque

Sailboats Leaving the Port of Honfleur
Achille Emile-Othon Friesz

Large Nude
Henri Matisse

Young Polish Girl
Chaim Soutine
Important dates
Founding date:  1905
Why 1905?: Creation of Die Brücke and Fauvism in Germany and France.

End date:  1940
Why 1940?: The Nazis condemned Expressionism as "degenerate art" and forbade artists to paint.