(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Realism

Dates: 1863-1890

Russian artists who wanted to democratize art by travelling in the provinces - hence their name of "ambulants". They mostly painted common people at work and Russian landscapes.
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Woman (Study)
Ilia Efimovich Repin

Portrait of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna
Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky

Snow Effect
Ivan Pokhitonov

Coniferous Forest on a Sunny Day
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin

A Young Boyarina
Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky

Morning in a Pine Forest
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin

Ilia Efimovich Repin

An Archdeacon.
Ilia Efimovich Repin

Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov

Isaac Levitan

Summer Day
Nikolai Nikanorovich Dubovskoy

View in Swiss Alps
Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov

Late Autumn
Isaac Levitan

Railway watchman.
Ilia Efimovich Repin

The Sculptor M. M. Antokolsky
Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi

Bathing in Treport
Alexei Bogoliubov

Forest Stream
Isaac Levitan

Ivan Rodin
Abram Efimovich Arkhipov
Top 10 museums with Peredvizhniki art
Tretyakov Gallery - MoscowRussian Federation (Moscow)234 artworks
State Russian MuseumRussian Federation (St Petersburg)191 artworks
Finnish National GalleryFinland (Helsinki)8 artworks
Tula Regional Art MuseumRussian Federation (Tula)8 artworks
Hermitage Museum - St-PetersburgRussian Federation (St. Petersburg)8 artworks
Saratov State Art MuseumRussian Federation (Saratov Region)7 artworks
Nizhny Novgorod State Art MuseumRussian Federation (Nizhni Novgorod)2 artworks
Kharkov Museum of ArtUkraine (Kharkov)2 artworks
Muzeum Narodowe w WarszawiePoland (Warsaw)2 artworks
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts - MoscowRussian Federation (Moscow)2 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1863
Why 1863?: Creation of the group by students of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

End date:  1890