(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1830-1900

This movement contains other movements: Peredvizhniki, Barbizon school, Hudson River School

Western artists who aimed to depict Nature without artifice or allegory, mostly by painting landscapes and common people at work.

People associated with this movement
Albert AnkerSwiss, 1831-1910213 artworks
Karl BlechenGerman, 1798-184027 artworks
François BonvinFrench, 1817-188740 artworks
Léon BonvinFrench, 1834-186615 artworks
Alejandro CabezaSpanish, 1971- ?105 artworks
Dean CornwellAmerican, 1892-196018 artworks
Gustave CourbetFrench, 1819-1877276 artworks
Honoré DaumierFrench, 1808-187972 artworks
Thomas EakinsAmerican, 1844-1916147 artworks
Winslow HomerAmerican, 1836-1910544 artworks
Count Leopold von KalckreuthGerman, 1855-19284 artworks
Wilhelm LeiblGerman, 1844-190018 artworks
Léon Augustin LhermitteFrench, 1844-192579 artworks
Jan MankesDutch, 1889-1920103 artworks
Adolph von MenzelGerman, 1815-1905189 artworks
Peder Mork MønstedDanish, 1859-194176 artworks
Norman RockwellAmerican, 1894-1978283 artworks
James TissotFrench, 1836-1902145 artworks
Wilhelm TrübnerGerman, 1851-1917120 artworks
Fritz von UhdeGerman, 1848-191173 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Pablo Neruda
Alejandro Cabeza

Group of Three Figures
Honoré Daumier

Cloud Study
Adolph von Menzel

The Veteran
Thomas Eakins

Still Life with Apples
Gustave Courbet

Portrait of Daughter
Fritz von Uhde

Cattle at the River
Léon Augustin Lhermitte

Landscape of Denia
Alejandro Cabeza

Storm at Harvest
Léon Augustin Lhermitte

Winslow Homer

Gaiety Dance Team
Norman Rockwell

Homecoming Marine
Norman Rockwell

Tornado, Bahamas
Winslow Homer

Basket of Flowers
Gustave Courbet

Spirit of America
Norman Rockwell
Important dates
Founding date:  1830

End date:  1900