(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Baroque

Dates: 1610-1700

Italian and French movement which aimed to counter the eccentricity of Baroque by painting ordered and refined scenes.

1. The Bolognese School



The Guardian Angel by Franceschini

2. Poussin and the "Atticism"

Allegory of Music by La Hyre, The Muses Melpomene, Erato and Polyhymnia by Le Sueur.

3. The French Academy of Painting and Sculpture

People associated with this movement
Francesco AlbaniItalian, 1578-1660160 artworks
Lubin BauginFrench, 1612-166311 artworks
Bon BoullogneFrench, 1649-171718 artworks
Louis de Boullogne the YoungerFrench, 1654-173346 artworks
Sébastien BourdonFrench, 1616-167165 artworks
Philippe de ChampaigneFrench, 1602-167431 artworks
Carlo CignaniItalian, 1628-17197 artworks
Claude Lorrain (Gellée)French, 1600-1682149 artworks
Nicolas ColombelFrench, 1644-171720 artworks
Antoine Coypel IIFrench, 1661-172282 artworks
Noël Coypel IFrench, 1628-170755 artworks
Antoine CoysevoxFrench, 1640-172029 artworks
DomenichinoItalian, 1581-164127 artworks
Michel DorignyFrench, 1617-16634 artworks
Charles-Alphonse DufresnoyFrench, 1611-166818 artworks
Gaspard DughetFrench, 1615-167586 artworks
Marcantonio FranceschiniItalian, 1648-1729115 artworks
Benedetto Gennari the YoungerItalian, 1633-171517 artworks
François GirardonFrench, 1628-171517 artworks
René-Antoine HouasseFrench, 1645-171040 artworks
Laurent de La HyreFrench, 1606-165689 artworks
Charles Le BrunFrench, 1619-1690161 artworks
Pierre Ledart IIIFrench, 1628-16981 artwork
Jean LemaireFrench, 1597-165924 artworks
Eustache Le SueurFrench, 1617-1655115 artworks
Carlo MarattaItalian, 1625-171343 artworks
Henri MauperchéFrench, 1602-168616 artworks
Nicolas MignardFrench, 1606-16683 artworks
Pierre MignardFrench, 1612-169572 artworks
Marc NattierFrench, 1642-17051 artwork
Pierre Patel the ElderFrench, 1605-16764 artworks
Nicolas PoussinFrench, 1594-1665183 artworks
Guido ReniItalian, 1575-1642115 artworks
Hyacinthe RigaudFrench, 1659-174389 artworks
Andrea SacchiItalian, 1599-16612 artworks
Giovanni Salvi da SassoferratoItalian, 1609-168559 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1610

End date:  1700