(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Baroque

Dates: 1590-1640

First stage of Baroque, with many artists all over Europe who closely followed Caravaggio's style of strong Chiaroscuro.
People associated with this movement
Dirck van BaburenDutch, 1595-16247 artworks
Giovanni BaglioneItalian, 1566-164316 artworks
Jan van BijlertDutch, 1597-167122 artworks
Valentin de BoulogneFrench, 1591-163223 artworks
Giovanni Battista CaraccioloItalian, 1578-16357 artworks
CaravaggioItalian, 1571-161070 artworks
Bartolomeo CavarozziItalian, 1590-16258 artworks
Georges de la TourFrench, 1593-165233 artworks
Cecco del CaravaggioItalian, 1610-16258 artworks
Domenico FettiItalian, 1589-162364 artworks
Artemisia GentileschiItalian, 1593-165232 artworks
Orazio GentileschiItalian, 1563-163929 artworks
Gerard van HonthorstDutch, 1592-165691 artworks
Bartolomeo ManfrediItalian, 1582-162214 artworks
Mattia PretiItalian, 1613-169929 artworks
Nicolas RégnierBelgian, 1591-166722 artworks
Jusepe de RiberaSpanish, 1591-165294 artworks
Carlo SaraceniItalian, 1579-162013 artworks
Gerard SeghersBelgian, 1591-165114 artworks
Leonello SpadaItalian, 1576-16223 artworks
Massimo StanzioneItalian, 1586-16568 artworks
Matthias StomDutch, 1600-165020 artworks
Hendrick TerbrugghenDutch, 1588-162949 artworks
Nicolas TournierFrench, 1590-163912 artworks
Claude VignonFrench, 1593-167023 artworks
Simon VouetFrench, 1590-164963 artworks
Francisco de ZurbaránSpanish, 1598-166480 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Head of Bacchus
Jusepe de Ribera

The Lute-Player

Portrait of Emperor Otho
Gerard van Honthorst

Penitent Saint Peter
Jusepe de Ribera

The Cardplayers
Hendrick Terbrugghen

The Jolly Drinker
Gerard Seghers

Allegory of Painting
Artemisia Gentileschi

Madonna and Child
Artemisia Gentileschi

The Astrologer
Jusepe de Ribera

The Judgement of Solomon
Valentin de Boulogne

Self-portrait as a Female Martyr
Artemisia Gentileschi

Saint Ambrose
Claude Vignon

The Penitent Magdalene
Georges de la Tour
Important dates
Founding date:  1590

End date:  1640
Why 1640?: Death of the first generation of Baroque artists. Then the style evolved towards more clearer compositions.