(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Renaissance

Dates: 1520-1600

The last stage of the Renaissance. Artists painted complex works, with distorted characters in uncomfortable poses.

The period was dominated by the Florentine school of Parmigianino, Bronzino and Rosso Fiorentino, then the Venetian school of Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto.

Mannerism also spread to France, with the School of Fontainebleau, and to the Low Countries, where it was called Northern Mannerism.

People associated with this movement
Hans von AachenGerman, 1552-161547 artworks
Niccolò dell' AbbateItalian, 1509-157118 artworks
Alessandro AlloriItalian, 1535-160735 artworks
Lucia AnguissolaItalian, 1538-15656 artworks
Sofonisba AnguissolaItalian, 1532-162536 artworks
Giuseppe ArcimboldoItalian, 1527-159375 artworks
Il BacchiaccaItalian, 1494-155726 artworks
Federico BarocciItalian, 1535-161249 artworks
Francesco Bassano the YoungerItalian, 1549-159270 artworks
Girolamo BassanoItalian, 1566-16212 artworks
Jacopo BassanoItalian, 1510-159279 artworks
Leandro BassanoItalian, 1557-162266 artworks
Domenico BeccafumiItalian, 1484-155133 artworks
Giovanni Francesco BezziItalian, 1549-15714 artworks
Carlo BononiItalian, 1569-16321 artwork
Orazio BorgianniSpanish, 1574-16161 artwork
Jean BoulogneBelgian, 1529-160822 artworks
Agnolo BronzinoItalian, 1503-1572101 artworks
Vincenzo CampiItalian, 1536-159110 artworks
Polidoro da CaravaggioItalian, 1497-15436 artworks
Giuseppe CesariItalian, 1568-164034 artworks
Franҫois ClouetFrench, 1515-157230 artworks
El GrecoGreek, 1541-1614196 artworks
Lavinia FontanaItalian, 1552-161445 artworks
Pier Francesco Jacopo di FoschiItalian, 1502-15677 artworks
Palma GiovaneItalian, 1544-16289 artworks
Hendrick GoltziusDutch, 1558-161730 artworks
Girolamo MacchiettiItalian, 1535-15924 artworks
Giovanni Battista MoroniItalian, 1523-157859 artworks
Lelio OrsiItalian, 1511-15877 artworks
ParmigianinoItalian, 1503-154028 artworks
Bartolomeo PassarottiItalian, 1529-159238 artworks
Marco PinoItalian, 1521-15837 artworks
Jacopo PontormoItalian, 1494-155745 artworks
Carlo Portelli da LoroItalian, 1510-15742 artworks
Scipione PulzoneItalian, 1542-15988 artworks
Rosso FiorentinoItalian, 1494-154018 artworks
Francesco SalviatiItalian, 1510-156321 artworks
Andrea SchiavoneItalian, 1512-156311 artworks
Bartholomaeus SprangerDutch, 1546-161125 artworks
Domenico TintorettoItalian, 1560-163516 artworks
Jacopo TintorettoItalian, 1518-1594211 artworks
Michele TosiniItalian, 1503-157712 artworks
Perino del VagaItalian, 1501-15478 artworks
Paolo VeroneseItalian, 1528-1588545 artworks
Daniele da VolterraItalian, 1509-15665 artworks
Maarten de VosDutch, 1552-160311 artworks
Joos van WingheBelgian, 1544-16032 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1520
Why 1520?: The death of Raphael.

End date:  1600
Why 1600?: Supplanted by Baroque.