(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Expressionism

Dates: 1904-1912

French artists who painted with wild brush work and colours, hence their name. Can be considered as the French branch of early Expressionism.
People associated with this movement
Alice BaillySwiss, 1872-1938122 artworks
Georges BraqueFrench, 1882-1963359 artworks
Charles CamoinFrench, 1879-1965165 artworks
André DerainFrench, 1880-1954314 artworks
Raoul DufyFrench, 1877-1953950 artworks
Henri-Jacques EvenepoelBelgian, 1872-18998 artworks
Achille Emile-Othon FrieszFrench, 1879-1949298 artworks
Henri ManguinFrench, 1874-1949166 artworks
Albert MarquetFrench, 1875-1947456 artworks
Henri MatisseFrench, 1869-1954773 artworks
Jean MetzingerFrench, 1883-1956154 artworks
Jean PuyFrench, 1876-196019 artworks
Georges RouaultFrench, 1871-1958404 artworks
Louis ValtatFrench, 1869-1952560 artworks
Kees Van DongenDutch, 1877-1968493 artworks
Maurice de VlaminckFrench, 1876-1958885 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Village in the Snow
Maurice de Vlaminck

Rocks at Antheor
Louis Valtat

My bicycle
Georges Braque

Banks of the Seine
Louis Valtat

Georges Rouault

The Beautiful Village
Maurice de Vlaminck

Maurice de Vlaminck

Landscape of the South of France
Achille Emile-Othon Friesz

A Norman River
Maurice de Vlaminck

Landscape near Martigues
Maurice de Vlaminck

The Seine at Le Pecq
Maurice de Vlaminck

Still Life with Knife
Maurice de Vlaminck

Landscape with Tree
Maurice de Vlaminck

Seated Nude
Henri Matisse
Important dates
Founding date:  1904
Why 1904?: First exhibition in the Salon d'Automne of 1905.

End date:  1912
Why 1912?: Most of important Fauvists abandoned the style at the beginning of the decade.