(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1590-1720

This movement contains other movements: Dutch Golden Age, Caravaggisti, Classicism

Baroque is actually a general category which includes several distinct schools of the 17th century. As for the Renaissance, the movement started in Italy, but the Spanish and Dutch Netherlands took the lead between 1620-1680, then France from 1650 onwards.
People associated with this movement
Benito Manuel AgueroSpanish, 1624-16684 artworks
José AntolinezSpanish, 1635-167514 artworks
Juan de ArellanoSpanish, 1614-167627 artworks
Gioacchino AsseretoItalian, 1600-164914 artworks
Dirck van BaburenDutch, 1595-16247 artworks
Giovanni BaglioneItalian, 1566-164316 artworks
Antonio BalestraItalian, 1666-174021 artworks
Paolo Antonio BarbieriItalian, 1603-16494 artworks
Evaristo BaschenisItalian, 1617-167711 artworks
Lubin BauginFrench, 1612-16638 artworks
Osias BeertBelgian, 1580-162315 artworks
Giovanni BeinaschiItalian, 1636-16881 artwork
Antonio de BellisItalian, 1616-16562 artworks
Jan van BijlertDutch, 1597-167111 artworks
Giovanni BilivertiItalian, 1585-16442 artworks
Pieter BoelBelgian, 1626-16745 artworks
Bon BoullogneFrench, 1649-171717 artworks
Louis Boullogne the ElderFrench, 1609-16744 artworks
Madeleine BoullogneFrench, 1646-17104 artworks
Louis de Boullogne the YoungerFrench, 1654-173343 artworks
Valentin de BoulogneFrench, 1591-16327 artworks
Jan Brueghel the YoungerBelgian, 1601-16789 artworks
Juan Martín CabezaleroSpanish, 1633-16736 artworks
Francesco CairoItalian, 1607-16677 artworks
Pedro de CamprobinSpanish, 1605-167414 artworks
Alonso CanoSpanish, 1601-166730 artworks
Giovanni Battista CaraccioloItalian, 1578-16354 artworks
CaravaggioItalian, 1571-161070 artworks
Annibale CarracciItalian, 1560-160958 artworks
Valerio CastelloItalian, 1624-165913 artworks
Bernardo CavallinoItalian, 1616-165612 artworks
Bartolomeo CavarozziItalian, 1590-16258 artworks
Mateo CerezoSpanish, 1637-16662 artworks
Philippe de ChampaigneFrench, 1602-167424 artworks
Nicolas ColombelFrench, 1644-171720 artworks
Jan CossiersBelgian, 1600-16714 artworks
Juan Sànchez CotànSpanish, 1560-16278 artworks
Antoine Coypel IIFrench, 1661-172278 artworks
Noël Coypel IFrench, 1628-170753 artworks
Antoine CoysevoxFrench, 1640-172028 artworks
Jean DaretBelgian, 1614-166811 artworks
Virgina da VezzoItalian, 1601-16382 artworks
Georges de la TourFrench, 1593-165232 artworks
Cecco del CaravaggioItalian, 1610-16258 artworks
Juan Carreno de MirandaSpanish, 1614-168511 artworks
Carlo DolciItalian, 1616-16869 artworks
DomenichinoItalian, 1581-164124 artworks
Domenico Maria VianiItalian, 1668-17113 artworks
Michel DorignyFrench, 1617-16631 artwork
Charles-Alphonse DufresnoyFrench, 1611-166818 artworks
Anthony van DyckBelgian, 1599-1641181 artworks
Jacob Foppens van EsBelgian, 1596-166614 artworks
Domenico FettiItalian, 1589-162327 artworks
Frans Francken the YoungerBelgian, 1581-164227 artworks
Francesco FuriniItalian, 1603-16469 artworks
Giovanna GarzoniItalian, 1600-167014 artworks
Artemisia GentileschiItalian, 1593-165231 artworks
Orazio GentileschiItalian, 1563-163928 artworks
Luca GiordanoItalian, 1634-170599 artworks
Giovanni Francesco BarbieriItalian, 1591-166621 artworks
Willem van HaechtBelgian, 1593-16375 artworks
Juan van der HamenSpanish, 1596-163123 artworks
Willem van Herp the ElderBelgian, 1614-167713 artworks
Gerard van HonthorstDutch, 1592-165682 artworks
René-Antoine HouasseFrench, 1645-171039 artworks
Jacob van HulsdonckBelgian, 1582-16478 artworks
Jan Baptist HuysmansBelgian, 1654-17165 artworks
Jacob JordaensBelgian, 1593-167856 artworks
Juan Fernández el LabradorSpanish, 1629-16366 artworks
Laurent de La HyreFrench, 1606-165684 artworks
Christoffel Jacobsz. van der LamenBelgian, 1606-16513 artworks
Giovanni LangettiItalian, 1625-167611 artworks
Nicolas de LargillièreFrench, 1656-174676 artworks
Charles Le BrunFrench, 1619-16900 artworks
Pierre Ledart IIIFrench, 1628-16981 artwork
Jean LemaireFrench, 1597-165921 artworks
Jean Le MotteFrench, 1653-16855 artworks
Eustache Le SueurFrench, 1617-1655113 artworks
Johann LissGerman, 1595-163115 artworks
Carstian LuyckxBelgian, 1623-167510 artworks
Dirk MaasDutch, 1659-17170 artworks
Juan Bautista MaínoSpanish, 1581-164920 artworks
Francisco de Burgos MantillaSpanish, 1612-16721 artwork
Master of the AcquavellaItalian, 1600-16504 artworks
Henri MauperchéFrench, 1602-168616 artworks
Bernardino MeiItalian, 1612-16765 artworks
Pierre MignardFrench, 1612-169570 artworks
Cristoforo MunariItalian, 1667-17203 artworks
Bartolomé Esteban MurilloSpanish, 1617-168257 artworks
Josefa de Ayala y ObidosSpanish, 1630-168414 artworks
Jacob van Oost the ElderBelgian, 1603-167121 artworks
Francisco de PalaciosSpanish, 1623-16521 artwork
Pietro PaoliniItalian, 1603-16818 artworks
Pierre Patel the ElderFrench, 1605-16761 artwork
Clara PeetersBelgian, 1594-165715 artworks
Antonio De PeredaSpanish, 1611-167814 artworks
Giovan Battista ReccoItalian, 1615-16602 artworks
Giuseppe ReccoItalian, 1634-16958 artworks
Nicolas RégnierBelgian, 1591-166720 artworks
Guido ReniItalian, 1575-164241 artworks
Jusepe de RiberaSpanish, 1591-165256 artworks
Sebastiano RicciItalian, 1659-173489 artworks
Salvator RosaItalian, 1615-16739 artworks
Peter Paul RubensBelgian, 1577-1640445 artworks
Antonio del Castillo y SaavedraSpanish, 1616-16686 artworks
Carlo SaraceniItalian, 1579-162012 artworks
Bartolomeo SchedoniItalian, 1578-161513 artworks
Gerard SeghersBelgian, 1591-165114 artworks
Jan SiberechtsBelgian, 1627-170318 artworks
Frans SnydersBelgian, 1579-165752 artworks
Isaak SoreauGerman, 1604-16443 artworks
Leonello SpadaItalian, 1576-16222 artworks
Massimo StanzioneItalian, 1586-16568 artworks
Matthias StomDutch, 1600-165017 artworks
Bernardo StrozziItalian, 1581-164412 artworks
David Teniers the YoungerBelgian, 1610-1690221 artworks
Hendrick TerbrugghenDutch, 1588-162948 artworks
Nicolas TournierFrench, 1590-163912 artworks
French School 18th Century - UnknownFrench, 1700-18003 artworks
Andrea VaccaroItalian, 1604-16704 artworks
Juan de Valdés LealSpanish, 1622-169017 artworks
Ottavio VanniniItalian, 1585-16431 artwork
Gillis van TilborghBelgian, 1625-16789 artworks
Diego VelazquezSpanish, 1599-1660123 artworks
Jacopo VignaliItalian, 1592-16641 artwork
Lucas Vorsterman1595-16751 artwork
Cornelis de VosBelgian, 1584-165117 artworks
Simon VouetFrench, 1590-164960 artworks
Sebastian VrancxBelgian, 1573-164715 artworks
Tomàs YepesSpanish, 1595-167425 artworks
Francisco de ZurbaranSpanish, 1598-166473 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

A Woman Playing the Guitar
David Teniers the Younger

The Sacrifice of Isaac
Antonio De Pereda

Portrait of Haspar Hevarts
Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of the Artist
Peter Paul Rubens

Saint Jerome
Guido Reni

Cabaret Scene
Nicolas Tournier

Young Drinker
Gerard van Honthorst

Lorenzo van der Hamen
Juan van der Hamen

Portrait of a Lady
Pierre Mignard

The Judgement of Solomon
Louis de Boullogne the Younger

The Holy Family
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

The Death of Socrates
Charles-Alphonse Dufresnoy
Important dates
Founding date:  1590
Why 1590?: Foundation of the movement by Caravaggio and Carracci who focused on shadows with the use of Chiaroscuro.

End date:  1720
Why 1720?: Baroque was considered too dark and sad by the emerging middle-class of continental Europe in the 18th century. They favoured instead the more joyful Rococo style.