Dutch Golden Age
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Baroque

Dates: 1600-1680

Flourishing period in the Dutch Republic, with a global production of several millions of still lifes, portraits, genre scenes and landscapes - genres hitherto neglected in favour of religious painting.

People associated with this movement
Willem van AelstDutch, 1626-168345 artworks
Pieter Jansz. van AschDutch, 1603-167814 artworks
Jan AsselijnDutch, 1610-165250 artworks
Bartholomeus AssteynDutch, 1607-17705 artworks
Balthasar van der AstDutch, 1593-165737 artworks
Barent AvercampDutch, 1612-167918 artworks
Hendrick AvercampDutch, 1585-163438 artworks
Dirck van BaburenDutch, 1595-162412 artworks
Jacob Adriaensz BackerDutch, 1608-165133 artworks
Ludolf BackhuysenDutch, 1631-170881 artworks
David BaillyDutch, 1584-16676 artworks
Bartholomeus van BassenDutch, 1590-165213 artworks
Cornelis BeeltDutch, 1640-17022 artworks
Jan Abrahamsz BeerstratenDutch, 1622-166613 artworks
Cornelis Pietersz BegaDutch, 1620-166418 artworks
Jacob Adriaensz BellevoisDutch, 1621-16766 artworks
Nicolaes Pietersz BerchemDutch, 1620-1683125 artworks
Gerrit Adriaenszoon BerckheydeDutch, 1638-169857 artworks
Job Adriaenszoon BerckheydeDutch, 1630-16933 artworks
Christoffel van den BergheDutch, 1590-16456 artworks
Abraham van BeyerenDutch, 1620-169021 artworks
Cornelis BisschopDutch, 1630-167411 artworks
Ferdinand BolDutch, 1616-168057 artworks
Hans BollongierDutch, 1600-16734 artworks
Abraham BosschaertDutch, 1612-16434 artworks
Ambrosius Bosschaert the ElderDutch, 1573-162121 artworks
Ambrosius Bosschaert the YoungerDutch, 1609-16456 artworks
Johannes BosschaertDutch, 1606-16296 artworks
Jan BothDutch, 1618-165242 artworks
Esaias BoursseDutch, 1631-16725 artworks
Leonaert BramerDutch, 1596-167425 artworks
Jan de BrayDutch, 1627-169736 artworks
Salomon de BrayDutch, 1597-166410 artworks
Bartholomeus BreenberghDutch, 1598-165723 artworks
Quiringh van BrekelenkamDutch, 1622-166942 artworks
Elias van den BroeckBelgian, 1649-170812 artworks
Johannes van BronckhorstDutch, 1648-172712 artworks
Adriaen Frans BrouwerDutch, 1605-163817 artworks
Abraham van CalraetDutch, 1642-172231 artworks
Jan van de CappelleDutch, 1626-167929 artworks
Cornelis Janssens van CeulenDutch, 1593-1661123 artworks
Anthony Claesz. the YoungerDutch, 1616-16523 artworks
Pieter ClaeszDutch, 1597-166040 artworks
Pieter CoddeDutch, 1599-167836 artworks
Edwart CollierDutch, 1640-171022 artworks
Adam de ColoneDutch, 1572-16511 artwork
Adam ColoniaDutch, 1634-16855 artworks
Adriaen CoorteDutch, 1665-170713 artworks
Laurens CraenDutch, 1620-16704 artworks
Pieter van der CroosDutch, 1609-16773 artworks
Abraham van CuylenborchDutch, 1610-16584 artworks
Aelbert CuypDutch, 1620-169178 artworks
Benjamin Gerritsz. CuypDutch, 1612-16529 artworks
Cornelis Gerritsz. DeckerDutch, 1623-167811 artworks
Dirck van DelenDutch, 1604-167137 artworks
Anthonie de DelormeDutch, 1610-16738 artworks
Olivier van DeurenDutch, 1666-17142 artworks
Abraham DiepraemDutch, 1622-16705 artworks
Floris van DijckDutch, 1575-16517 artworks
Gerrit DouDutch, 1613-167573 artworks
Willem DrostDutch, 1630-16782 artworks
Hendrick Jacobsz. DubbelsDutch, 1621-170711 artworks
Jacob DuckDutch, 1600-166718 artworks
Karel DujardinDutch, 1626-167857 artworks
Willem Cornelisz DuysterDutch, 1599-163521 artworks
Gerbrandt van den EeckhoutDutch, 1621-167442 artworks
Allaert van EverdingenDutch, 1621-167516 artworks
Caesar van EverdingenDutch, 1617-167825 artworks
Carel FabritiusDutch, 1622-165420 artworks
Govaert FlinckDutch, 1615-166078 artworks
Jean-Baptiste FornenburghDutch, 1585-16498 artworks
Jan FytDutch, 1611-166132 artworks
Wybrand GeestDutch, 1592-16617 artworks
Aert de GelderDutch, 1645-172765 artworks
Jan Josefz van GoyenDutch, 1596-165690 artworks
Joris van der HaagenDutch, 1615-16697 artworks
Johannes van HaensbergenDutch, 1642-170510 artworks
Dirck HalsDutch, 1591-165640 artworks
Frans HalsDutch, 1582-1666168 artworks
Jan HalsDutch, 1620-16543 artworks
Gerrit Willemsz HedaDutch, 1620-17025 artworks
Willem Claesz HedaDutch, 1594-167032 artworks
Cornelis de HeemDutch, 1631-16959 artworks
Jan Davidszoon de HeemDutch, 1606-168472 artworks
Bartolomeus van der HelstDutch, 1613-167033 artworks
Lodewijk van der HelstDutch, 1642-16824 artworks
Herman HenstenburghDutch, 1667-17269 artworks
Jan van der HeydenDutch, 1637-171269 artworks
Meindert HobbemaDutch, 1638-170952 artworks
Melchior de HondecoetterDutch, 1636-169534 artworks
Pieter de HoochDutch, 1629-168469 artworks
Samuel Van HoogstratenDutch, 1627-167812 artworks
Gerard HouckgeestDutch, 1600-16613 artworks
Jan van HuchtenburghDutch, 1647-17337 artworks
Ludolf de JonghDutch, 1616-16795 artworks
Willem KalfDutch, 1610-169344 artworks
Cornelis KickDutch, 1634-16816 artworks
Simon KickDutch, 1603-16528 artworks
Philips de KoninckDutch, 1619-168853 artworks
Salomon KoninckDutch, 1609-165630 artworks
Philip van KouwenberghDutch, 1671-17293 artworks
Pieter van LaerDutch, 1599-16421 artwork
Judith LeysterDutch, 1609-166025 artworks
Jan LievensDutch, 1607-167478 artworks
Johannes LingelbachDutch, 1622-167434 artworks
Isaack LuttichuysDutch, 1616-16739 artworks
Nicolaes MaesDutch, 1634-169371 artworks
Cornelis de ManDutch, 1621-170613 artworks
Jacob MarrelGerman, 1614-16815 artworks
Gabriël MetsuDutch, 1629-1667127 artworks
Michiel Jansz. van MiereveltDutch, 1567-164145 artworks
Frans van Mieris the ElderDutch, 1635-168157 artworks
Abraham MignonGerman, 1640-167921 artworks
Daniël MijtensDutch, 1590-164849 artworks
Jan MijtensDutch, 1614-167030 artworks
Jan Miense MolenaerDutch, 1611-166883 artworks
Paulus MoreelseDutch, 1571-163857 artworks
Jan MortelDutch, 1652-17194 artworks
Frederick de MoucheronDutch, 1633-168611 artworks
Michiel van MusscherDutch, 1645-17057 artworks
Aert van der NeerDutch, 1603-167744 artworks
Caspar NetscherDutch, 1639-168460 artworks
Jacob OchterveltDutch, 1634-168233 artworks
Jan OlisDutch, 1610-167615 artworks
Maria van OosterwijckDutch, 1630-16937 artworks
Adriaen van OstadeDutch, 1610-1685144 artworks
Isaac van OstadeDutch, 1621-164934 artworks
Anthonie PalamedeszDutch, 1601-16738 artworks
Palamedes Palamedesz IDutch, 1607-16382 artworks
Nicolaes Eliaszoon PickenoyDutch, 1588-165016 artworks
Carel van der PluymDutch, 1625-16722 artworks
Egbert van der PoelDutch, 1621-166421 artworks
Cornelius van PoelenburghDutch, 1594-166764 artworks
Frans PostDutch, 1612-168012 artworks
Hendrik Gerritsz. PotDutch, 1585-165720 artworks
Paulus PotterDutch, 1625-165444 artworks
Adam PynackerDutch, 1620-167334 artworks
Pieter QuastDutch, 1605-164710 artworks
Jan Anthonisz van RavesteynDutch, 1570-165720 artworks
George Ogilvy ReidEnglish, 1851-192823 artworks
Rembrandt van RijnDutch, 1606-1669694 artworks
Pieter de RingDutch, 1615-16609 artworks
Roelant RoghmanDutch, 1627-16928 artworks
Gillis RomboutsDutch, 1630-16724 artworks
Jan Albertsz RotiusDutch, 1624-16668 artworks
Jacob van RuisdaelDutch, 1628-1682184 artworks
Salomon van RuysdaelDutch, 1600-167048 artworks
Salomonsz. van RuysdaelDutch, 1629-16816 artworks
Eise Aetes RuytenbachDutch, 1656-16921 artwork
Pieter SaenredamDutch, 1597-166520 artworks
Ethel Sands1873-196221 artworks
Roelant SaveryDutch, 1576-163927 artworks
Godfried SchalckenDutch, 1643-170678 artworks
Abraham van der SchoorDutch, 1600-16601 artwork
Floris van SchootenDutch, 1590-165518 artworks
Otto van SchrieckDutch, 1613-167814 artworks
Hendrik Martensz. SorghDutch, 1609-167030 artworks
Pieter Claesz. SoutmanDutch, 1590-165713 artworks
Jan SteenDutch, 1625-1679181 artworks
Abraham Jansz. StorckDutch, 1644-170835 artworks
Ernst StuvenGerman, 1657-17126 artworks
Gerard TerborchDutch, 1617-168167 artworks
Hendrick TerbrugghenDutch, 1588-162951 artworks
Wallerant VaillantDutch, 1623-16777 artworks
Werner Jacobsz. van den ValckertDutch, 1585-16355 artworks
Willem van AelstDutch, 1627-16830 artworks
Anthonie van BorssumDutch, 1630-16774 artworks
Jacob Van LooDutch, 1614-167078 artworks
Adriaen van de VeldeDutch, 1636-167292 artworks
Esaias van der Velde IDutch, 1587-163014 artworks
Willem van der Velde the ElderDutch, 1611-16937 artworks
Willem van de Velde the YoungerDutch, 1633-1707173 artworks
Jacob van VelsenDutch, 1597-16564 artworks
Adriaen van de VenneDutch, 1580-166221 artworks
Pieter Cornelisz.VerbeeckDutch, 1610-16544 artworks
Johannes VermeerDutch, 1632-167537 artworks
Jan Vermeer van UtrechtDutch, 1630-16961 artwork
Simon de VliegerDutch, 1601-165344 artworks
Hendrick Cornelisz van VlietDutch, 1611-167530 artworks
Daniel VosmaerDutch, 1622-16696 artworks
Nicolaes de VreeDutch, 1645-17022 artworks
Jacobus VrelDutch, 1617-168116 artworks
Abraham de VriesDutch, 1590-16558 artworks
Roelof van VriesDutch, 1631-168117 artworks
Jacob van WalscapelleDutch, 1644-17278 artworks
Jan WeenixDutch, 1640-171934 artworks
Adriaen van der WerffDutch, 1659-172220 artworks
Jacob Willemsz. de WetDutch, 1610-167113 artworks
Jan WijnantsDutch, 1632-168476 artworks
Adam WillaertsDutch, 1577-16444 artworks
Matthias WithoosDutch, 1627-17035 artworks
Emanuel de WitteDutch, 1617-169248 artworks
Philips WouwermanDutch, 1619-1668130 artworks
Pieter WouwermanDutch, 1623-16828 artworks
Top 10 museums with Dutch Golden Age art
Rijksmuseum - AmsterdamNetherlands (Amsterdam)666 artworks
National Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)339 artworks
Mauritshaus - The HagueNetherlands (The Hague)161 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NYUnited States (New York)157 artworks
Hermitage Museum - St-PetersburgRussian Federation (St. Petersburg)155 artworks
Musée du Louvre - ParisFrance (Paris)135 artworks
Gemäldegalerie - BerlinGermany (Berlin)124 artworks
Wallace Collection - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)112 artworks
Fitzwilliam Museum - CambridgeUnited Kingdom (Cambridge)106 artworks
National Maritime Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (Greenwich)98 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1600
Why 1600?: Economic boom in the Dutch Republic which permitted many painters to live from their art.

End date:  1680
Why 1680?: The war against France ruined the country. Moreover, many great painters died around the 1670's (Rembrandt, Vermeer...).