Dutch Golden Age
(An artistic movement)

This movement is a subcategory of Baroque

Dates: 1600-1680

Flourishing period in the Dutch Republic, with a global production of several millions of still lifes, portraits, genre scenes and landscapes - genres hitherto neglected in favour of religious painting.

People associated with this movement
Willem van AelstDutch, 1626-168345 artworks
Pieter Jansz. van AschDutch, 1603-167814 artworks
Jan AsselijnDutch, 1610-165250 artworks
Bartholomeus AssteynDutch, 1607-17704 artworks
Balthasar van der AstDutch, 1593-165737 artworks
Barent AvercampDutch, 1612-167917 artworks
Hendrick AvercampDutch, 1585-163438 artworks
Dirck van BaburenDutch, 1595-162412 artworks
Jacob Adriaensz BackerDutch, 1608-165133 artworks
Ludolf BackhuysenDutch, 1631-170881 artworks
David BaillyDutch, 1584-16676 artworks
Bartholomeus van BassenDutch, 1590-165213 artworks
Cornelis BeeltDutch, 1640-17022 artworks
Jan Abrahamsz BeerstratenDutch, 1622-166613 artworks
Cornelis Pietersz BegaDutch, 1620-166417 artworks
Nicolaes Pietersz BerchemDutch, 1620-1683124 artworks
Gerrit Adriaenszoon BerckheydeDutch, 1638-169856 artworks
Job Adriaenszoon BerckheydeDutch, 1630-16933 artworks
Christoffel van den BergheDutch, 1590-16456 artworks
Abraham van BeyerenDutch, 1620-169021 artworks
Cornelis BisschopDutch, 1630-167411 artworks
Ferdinand BolDutch, 1616-168057 artworks
Hans BollongierDutch, 1600-16734 artworks
Gerard ter Borch the YoungerDutch, 1617-168167 artworks
Abraham BosschaertDutch, 1612-16434 artworks
Ambrosius Bosschaert the ElderDutch, 1573-162119 artworks
Ambrosius Bosschaert the YoungerDutch, 1609-16456 artworks
Johannes BosschaertDutch, 1606-16296 artworks
Jan BothDutch, 1618-165238 artworks
Esaias BoursseDutch, 1631-16725 artworks
Leonaert BramerDutch, 1596-167425 artworks
Salomon de BrayDutch, 1597-166410 artworks
Bartholomeus BreenberghDutch, 1598-165723 artworks
Quiringh van BrekelenkamDutch, 1622-166942 artworks
Elias van den BroeckBelgian, 1649-170812 artworks
Johannes van BronckhorstDutch, 1648-172712 artworks
Adriaen Frans BrouwerBelgian, 1605-163817 artworks
Abraham van CalraetDutch, 1642-172231 artworks
Jan van de CappelleDutch, 1626-167929 artworks
Cornelis Janssens van CeulenDutch, 1593-1661124 artworks
Anthony Claesz. the YoungerDutch, 1616-16523 artworks
Pieter ClaeszDutch, 1597-166040 artworks
Pieter CoddeDutch, 1599-167835 artworks
Edwart CollierDutch, 1640-171022 artworks
Adam de ColoneDutch, 1572-16511 artwork
Adam ColoniaDutch, 1634-16855 artworks
Adriaen CoorteDutch, 1665-170713 artworks
Laurens CraenDutch, 1620-16704 artworks
Pieter van der CroosDutch, 1609-16773 artworks
Abraham van CuylenborchDutch, 1610-16584 artworks
Aelbert CuypDutch, 1620-169177 artworks
Benjamin Gerritsz. CuypDutch, 1612-16528 artworks
Cornelis Gerritsz. DeckerDutch, 1623-167811 artworks
Dirck van DelenDutch, 1604-167137 artworks
Anthonie de DelormeDutch, 1610-16738 artworks
Olivier van DeurenDutch, 1666-17142 artworks
Abraham DiepraemDutch, 1622-16705 artworks
Floris van DijckDutch, 1575-16516 artworks
Gerrit DouDutch, 1613-167571 artworks
Willem DrostDutch, 1630-16782 artworks
Hendrick Jacobsz. DubbelsDutch, 1621-170711 artworks
Jacob DuckDutch, 1600-166718 artworks
Karel DujardinDutch, 1626-167854 artworks
Willem Cornelisz DuysterDutch, 1599-163521 artworks
Gerbrand van den EeckhoutDutch, 1621-167442 artworks
Allaert van EverdingenDutch, 1621-167516 artworks
Caesar van EverdingenDutch, 1617-167825 artworks
Carel FabritiusDutch, 1622-165420 artworks
Govaert FlinckDutch, 1615-166077 artworks
Jean-Baptiste FornenburghDutch, 1585-16498 artworks
Wybrand GeestDutch, 1592-16617 artworks
Aert de GelderDutch, 1645-172765 artworks
Jan Josefz van GoyenDutch, 1596-165689 artworks
Joris van der HaagenDutch, 1615-16697 artworks
Johannes van HaensbergenDutch, 1642-170510 artworks
Dirck HalsDutch, 1591-165639 artworks
Frans HalsDutch, 1582-1666168 artworks
Jan HalsDutch, 1620-16543 artworks
Gerrit Willemsz HedaDutch, 1620-17025 artworks
Willem Claesz HedaDutch, 1594-167032 artworks
Cornelis de HeemDutch, 1631-16958 artworks
Jan Davidszoon de HeemDutch, 1606-168472 artworks
Bartolomeus van der HelstDutch, 1613-167032 artworks
Lodewijk van der HelstDutch, 1642-16824 artworks
Herman HenstenburghDutch, 1667-17269 artworks
Jan van der HeydenDutch, 1637-171269 artworks
Meindert HobbemaDutch, 1638-170952 artworks
Melchior de HondecoetterDutch, 1636-169533 artworks
Pieter de HoochDutch, 1629-168469 artworks
Samuel Van HoogstratenDutch, 1627-167812 artworks
Gerard HouckgeestDutch, 1600-16613 artworks
Jan van HuchtenburghDutch, 1647-17337 artworks
Jan de BrayDutch, 1627-169736 artworks
Ludolf de JonghDutch, 1616-16794 artworks
Willem KalfDutch, 1610-169344 artworks
Cornelis KickDutch, 1634-16816 artworks
Simon KickDutch, 1603-16528 artworks
Philips de KoninckDutch, 1619-168853 artworks
Salomon KoninckDutch, 1609-165630 artworks
Philip van KouwenberghDutch, 1671-17293 artworks
Pieter van LaerDutch, 1599-16421 artwork
Judith LeysterDutch, 1609-166025 artworks
Jan LievensDutch, 1607-167478 artworks
Johannes LingelbachDutch, 1622-167434 artworks
Isaack LuttichuysDutch, 1616-16738 artworks
Nicolaes MaesDutch, 1634-169370 artworks
Cornelis de ManDutch, 1621-170613 artworks
Jacob MarrelGerman, 1614-16815 artworks
Gabriël MetsuDutch, 1629-1667127 artworks
Michiel Jansz. van MiereveltDutch, 1567-164144 artworks
Frans van Mieris the ElderDutch, 1635-168157 artworks
Abraham MignonGerman, 1640-167920 artworks
Daniël MijtensDutch, 1590-164849 artworks
Jan MijtensDutch, 1614-167030 artworks
Jan Miense MolenaerDutch, 1611-166882 artworks
Paulus MoreelseDutch, 1571-163857 artworks
Jan MortelDutch, 1652-17195 artworks
Frederick de MoucheronDutch, 1633-168611 artworks
Michiel van MusscherDutch, 1645-17056 artworks
Aert van der NeerDutch, 1603-167743 artworks
Caspar NetscherDutch, 1639-168459 artworks
Jacob OchterveltDutch, 1634-168233 artworks
Jan OlisDutch, 1610-167615 artworks
Maria van OosterwijckDutch, 1630-16936 artworks
Adriaen van OstadeDutch, 1610-1685143 artworks
Isaac van OstadeDutch, 1621-164934 artworks
Anthonie PalamedeszDutch, 1601-16736 artworks
Palamedes Palamedesz IDutch, 1607-16382 artworks
Nicolaes Eliaszoon PickenoyDutch, 1588-165015 artworks
Carel van der PluymDutch, 1625-16722 artworks
Egbert van der PoelDutch, 1621-166421 artworks
Cornelius van PoelenburghDutch, 1594-166764 artworks
Frans PostDutch, 1612-168012 artworks
Hendrik Gerritsz. PotDutch, 1585-165720 artworks
Paulus PotterDutch, 1625-165442 artworks
Adam PynackerDutch, 1620-167333 artworks
Pieter QuastDutch, 1605-164710 artworks
Jan Anthonisz van RavesteynDutch, 1570-165720 artworks
George Ogilvy ReidEnglish, 1851-192823 artworks
Rembrandt van RijnDutch, 1606-1669694 artworks
Pieter de RingDutch, 1615-16609 artworks
Roelant RoghmanDutch, 1627-16928 artworks
Gillis RomboutsDutch, 1630-16724 artworks
Jan Albertsz RotiusDutch, 1624-16668 artworks
Jacob van RuisdaelDutch, 1628-1682184 artworks
Salomon van RuysdaelDutch, 1600-167048 artworks
Salomonsz. van RuysdaelDutch, 1629-16816 artworks
Eise Aetes RuytenbachDutch, 1656-16921 artwork
Peter SaenredamDutch, 1597-166520 artworks
Ethel Sands1873-196221 artworks
Roelant SaveryDutch, 1576-163926 artworks
Godfried SchalckenDutch, 1643-170678 artworks
Abraham van der SchoorDutch, 1600-16601 artwork
Floris van SchootenDutch, 1590-165518 artworks
Otto van SchrieckDutch, 1613-167814 artworks
Hendrik Martensz. SorghDutch, 1609-167030 artworks
Pieter Claesz. SoutmanDutch, 1590-165712 artworks
Jan SteenDutch, 1625-1679181 artworks
Abraham Jansz. StorckDutch, 1644-170837 artworks
Ernst StuvenGerman, 1657-17125 artworks
Hendrick TerbrugghenDutch, 1588-162952 artworks
Wallerant VaillantDutch, 1623-16777 artworks
Werner Jacobsz. van den ValckertDutch, 1585-16355 artworks
Willem van AelstDutch, 1627-16830 artworks
Anthonie van BorssumDutch, 1630-16773 artworks
Jacob Van LooDutch, 1614-167078 artworks
Adriaen van de VeldeDutch, 1636-167224 artworks
Esaias van der Velde IDutch, 1587-163014 artworks
Willem van der Velde the ElderDutch, 1611-16937 artworks
Willem van de Velde the YoungerDutch, 1633-1707171 artworks
Jacob van VelsenDutch, 1597-16564 artworks
Adriaen van de VenneDutch, 1580-166220 artworks
Pieter Cornelisz.VerbeeckDutch, 1610-16544 artworks
Johannes VermeerDutch, 1632-167537 artworks
Jan Vermeer van UtrechtDutch, 1630-16961 artwork
Simon de VliegerDutch, 1601-165344 artworks
Hendrick Cornelisz van VlietDutch, 1611-167530 artworks
Daniel VosmaerDutch, 1622-16696 artworks
Nicolaes de VreeDutch, 1645-17022 artworks
Jacobus VrelDutch, 1617-168116 artworks
Abraham de VriesDutch, 1590-16558 artworks
Roelof van VriesDutch, 1631-168117 artworks
Jacob van WalscapelleDutch, 1644-17278 artworks
Jan WeenixDutch, 1640-171934 artworks
Adriaen van der WerffDutch, 1659-172220 artworks
Jacob Willemsz. de WetDutch, 1610-167112 artworks
Jan WijnantsDutch, 1632-168450 artworks
Adam WillaertsDutch, 1577-16444 artworks
Matthias WithoosDutch, 1627-17035 artworks
Emanuel de WitteDutch, 1617-169246 artworks
Philips WouwermanDutch, 1619-1668128 artworks
Pieter WouwermanDutch, 1623-16828 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Portrait of Agatha Paets
Frans van Mieris the Elder

Abraham Jansz. Storck

Dutch Landscape
Salomonsz. van Ruysdael

Family Portrait
Frans Hals

Company Making Music
Pieter de Hooch

View on the River Meuse
Joris van der Haagen

Portrait of a Nobleman
Paulus Moreelse

Landscape with a Waterfall
Jacob van Ruisdael

Portrait of a Lady
Nicolaes Maes

The Shepherd
Salomon de Bray

River in Spate
Jacob van Ruisdael

A Peasant Brawl
Adriaen van Ostade
Top 10 museums with Dutch Golden Age art
Rijksmuseum - AmsterdamNetherlands (Amsterdam)649 artworks
National Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)337 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NYUnited States (New York)156 artworks
Mauritshaus - The HagueNetherlands (The Hague)155 artworks
Hermitage Museum - St-PetersburgRussian Federation (St. Petersburg)149 artworks
Musée du Louvre - ParisFrance (Paris)130 artworks
Gemäldegalerie - BerlinGermany (Berlin)123 artworks
Wallace Collection - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)109 artworks
Fitzwilliam Museum - CambridgeUnited Kingdom (Cambridge)102 artworks
National Maritime Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (Greenwich)96 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1600
Why 1600?: Economic boom in the Dutch Republic which permitted many painters to live from their art.

End date:  1680
Why 1680?: The war against France ruined the country. Moreover, many great painters died around the 1670's (Rembrandt, Vermeer...).