(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1720-1770

Italian artists who specialized in painting panoramas of Rome, Venice and landscapes with ruins, which they sold to English gentlemen as souvenirs of their Grand Tour.
People associated with this movement
Paolo AnesiItalian, 1697-177328 artworks
Bernardo BellottoItalian, 1721-178075 artworks
CanalettoItalian, 1697-1768158 artworks
Luca CarlevarisItalian, 1665-17319 artworks
Giovanni Battista CimaroliItalian, 1687-17717 artworks
Jacopo FabrisItalian, 1689-17611 artwork
Francesco GuardiItalian, 1712-179367 artworks
Antonio JoliItalian, 1700-177737 artworks
Hendrik Frans van LintBelgian, 1684-176317 artworks
Andrea LocatelliItalian, 1693-17411 artwork
Michele Giovanni MarieschiItalian, 1710-174313 artworks
William Marlow1740-181360 artworks
Giovanni Paolo PaniniItalian, 1691-1765135 artworks
Marco RicciItalian, 1676-173016 artworks
Hubert RobertFrench, 1733-180890 artworks
Howard TangyeAustralian36 artworks
French School 18th Century - UnknownFrench, 1700-18003 artworks
Claude-Joseph VernetFrench, 1714-1789140 artworks
Pierre VolaireFrench, 1729-179913 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1720
Why 1720?: Canaletto started to paint his views of Venice.

End date:  1770
Why 1770?: Death of major artists.