(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1850-1910

Artists sponsored by the State who focused on historical and mythological themes, with many nude allegories, or idealized genre scenes in order to represent the perfect beauty in art. The style was a sort of synthesis of the previous official art movements, especially Romanticism and Neoclassicism.
People associated with this movement
Louis-Emile AdanFrench, 1839-19379 artworks
Alfred Pierre AgacheFrench, 1843-19153 artworks
Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema1852-19096 artworks
Sir Lawrence Alma-TademaDutch, 1836-1912225 artworks
Abbey Altson1866-194932 artworks
Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-DuvalFrench, 1808-18857 artworks
Friedrich von AmerlingAustrian, 1803-188793 artworks
Edward Armitage1817-189626 artworks
Stefan BakalowiczPolish, 1857-19473 artworks
Paul BaudryFrench, 1828-18862 artworks
Leon BenouvilleFrench, 1821-18594 artworks
Ernst BergerAustrian, 1857-19191 artwork
Edouard BissonFrench, 1856-19394 artworks
Eugene de BlaasItalian, 1843-1932147 artworks
Léon Joseph Florentin BonnatFrench, 1833-192254 artworks
Pierre-Louis BouchardFrench, 1831-18891 artwork
Elizabeth Jane Gardner BouguereauAmerican, 1837-19228 artworks
William BouguereauFrench, 1825-1905435 artworks
Charles Edouard BoutibonneFrench, 1816-18977 artworks
Eugen Felix Prosper BrachtGerman, 1842-192140 artworks
Anton BraithGerman, 1836-19055 artworks
Alexandre CabanelFrench, 1823-188970 artworks
Joseph CaraudFrench, 1821-190539 artworks
Charles Auguste Emile Carolus-DuranFrench, 1838-191751 artworks
Paul Emile ChabasFrench, 1869-19377 artworks
Charles ChaplinFrench, 1825-189139 artworks
Georges Jules Victor ClairinFrench, 1843-191918 artworks
Louis-Joseph-Raphael CollinFrench, 1850-191610 artworks
Léon-François ComerreFrench, 1850-191619 artworks
Tito ContiItalian, 1842-192413 artworks
Charles West CopeEnglish, 1811-189010 artworks
Fernand CormonFrench, 1845-19246 artworks
Pierre-Auguste CotFrench, 1837-18835 artworks
Gustave CourtoisFrench, 1852-19232 artworks
Thomas CoutureFrench, 1815-187926 artworks
Władysław CzachórskiPolish, 1850-191136 artworks
Pascal Dagnan-BouveretFrench, 1852-192948 artworks
Henri-Camille DangerFrench, 1857-19376 artworks
Edouard-Joseph DantanFrench, 1848-18973 artworks
Henri DelabordeFrench, 1811-18992 artworks
Paul DelarocheFrench, 1797-185617 artworks
Jules-Élie DelaunayFrench, 1828-18912 artworks
Francois Alfred DelobbeFrench, 1835-19205 artworks
Cesare Augusto DettiItalian, 1847-191435 artworks
Emil DoerstlingGerman, 1859-19402 artworks
Gustave DoyenFrench, 1837- ?6 artworks
Herbert James DraperEnglish, 1864-192050 artworks
Emile Eisman-SemenowskyPolish, 1857-191195 artworks
Erasmus EngertAustrian, 1796-18711 artwork
Delphin EnjolrasFrench, 1857-1945183 artworks
Rudolf ErnstAustrian, 1854-193239 artworks
Luis FaleroSpanish, 1851-189626 artworks
Benjamin Eugene FichelFrench, 1826-18954 artworks
Albert Auguste FourieFrench, 1854-19373 artworks
Juan Jose Gárate y ClaveroSpanish, 1869-19391 artwork
Jules-Arsène GarnierFrench, 1847-18891 artwork
Carl GehrtsGerman, 1853-18981 artwork
Theodore GerardBelgian, 1829-189534 artworks
Jean-Léon GérômeFrench, 1824-1904230 artworks
Paul GervaisFrench, 1859-19341 artwork
Henri GervexFrench, 1852-192914 artworks
Victor Gabriel GilbertFrench, 1847-1933110 artworks
Jules GirardetFrench, 1856-193816 artworks
Henry Gillard Glindoni1852-191313 artworks
John William GodwardEnglish, 1861-1922260 artworks
Ernest HébertFrench, 1817-19081 artwork
Jean-Jacques HennerFrench, 1829-19056 artworks
Hubert von HerkomerEnglish, 1849-19143 artworks
August von HeydenGerman, 1827-18971 artwork
Julius HübnerGerman, 1806-18821 artwork
Vojtěch HynaisCzech, 1854-19253 artworks
Gustave Jean JacquetFrench, 1846-190936 artworks
Paul JaminFrench, 1853-19032 artworks
Peter JanssenGerman, 1844-19085 artworks
Jose Jimenez y ArandaSpanish, 1837-190327 artworks
Frank KirchbachGerman, 1859-19121 artwork
Julius KleverRussian, 1850-1924117 artworks
Gotthardt KuehlGerman, 1850-19155 artworks
Adolphe la LyreFrench, 1850-19355 artworks
Charles Zacherie LandelleFrench, 1812-190810 artworks
Sir Edwin LandseerEnglish, 1802-187334 artworks
Jean-Paul LaurensFrench, 1838-19217 artworks
Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du NouÿFrench, 1842-192314 artworks
Jules Joseph LefebvreFrench, 1836-191149 artworks
Edmund Blair LeightonEnglish, 1853-192293 artworks
Alexander Louis LeloirFrench, 1843-18847 artworks
Jules Eugène LenepveuFrench, 1819-18981 artwork
Charles-Amable LenoirFrench, 1861-19409 artworks
Henri Léopold LévyFrench, 1840-19044 artworks
John Arthur Lomax1857-192315 artworks
Gabriel Cornelius Ritter von MaxCzech, 1840-191526 artworks
Hugues MerleFrench, 1823-188115 artworks
Albert Joseph Moore, A.R.W.S.English, 1841-189356 artworks
Frederick MorganEnglish, 1847-192731 artworks
Aime-Nicolas MorotFrench, 1850-19134 artworks
Henri-Paul MotteFrench, 1846-19222 artworks
Ernest Normand1857-192313 artworks
Sir William Quiller OrchardsonEnglish, 1832-191088 artworks
Antonio PaolettiItalian, 1833-19127 artworks
Georg PapperitzGerman, 1846-19181 artwork
Leon-Jean-Basile PerraultFrench, 1832-190816 artworks
Henri-Félix-Emmanuel PhilippoteauxFrench, 1818-18844 artworks
Henri Pierre PicouFrench, 1824-189513 artworks
Ferdinand von PilotyGerman, 1828-18954 artworks
Sir Edward John PoynterEnglish, 1836-191969 artworks
René-François-Xavier PrinetFrench, 1861-19463 artworks
Henrietta Rae-NormandEnglish, 1859-19286 artworks
Theodoros RalliGreek, 1852-190935 artworks
Henri RegnaultFrench, 1843-18714 artworks
Pio RicciItalian, 1850-191929 artworks
Briton RiviereEnglish, 1840-192056 artworks
Edwin Thomas Roberts1840-191740 artworks
Georges Antoine RochegrosseFrench, 1859-193836 artworks
Alexander Mark Rossi1840-191642 artworks
Lionel-Noël RoyerFrench, 1852-19261 artwork
Jules ScalbertFrench, 1851-19288 artworks
Eduard SchleichGerman, 1812-18742 artworks
Henri-Guillaume SchlesingerFrench, 1814-18937 artworks
Moritz von SchwindAustrian, 1804-18712 artworks
Guillaume SeignacFrench, 1870-192462 artworks
Paul SieffertFrench, 1874-19577 artworks
Hendryk SiemiradzkiPolish, 1843-190274 artworks
Henryk SiemiradzkiPolish, 1843-19020 artworks
Solomon Joseph SolomonEnglish, 1860-19275 artworks
Charles Joseph Frederick SoulacroixFrench, 1825-187949 artworks
Joseph Karl StielerGerman, 1781-185865 artworks
Nikolai SverchkovRussian, 1817-189814 artworks
Henri Adrien TanouxFrench, 1865-192318 artworks
Eugène Romain ThirionFrench, 1839-19192 artworks
Hans ThomaGerman, 1839-1924135 artworks
Edoardo TofanoItalian, 1838-19203 artworks
Auguste ToulmoucheFrench, 1829-189044 artworks
Benjamin VautierSwiss, 1829-18987 artworks
Emile VernonFrench, 1872-191953 artworks
Jehan-Georges VibertFrench, 1840-190246 artworks
Sándor von WagnerHungarian, 1838-19191 artwork
Ferdinand Georg WaldmüllerAustrian, 1793-1865143 artworks
John William WaterhouseEnglish, 1849-191789 artworks
Jean-Joseph WeertsFrench, 1847-19271 artwork
Charles WildaAustrian, 1854-19071 artwork
William Clarke WontnerEnglish, 1857-193027 artworks
Eduardo Zamacois y ZabalaSpanish, 1841-18712 artworks
Fritz Zuber-BuhlerSwiss, 1822-189653 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Winter Sunset
Julius Klever

On the Summit
Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

John Whichcord, PRIBA
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

The Letter
Delphin Enjolras

Alexandre Cabanel

The Nut Gatherers
William Bouguereau

The Ford
William Bouguereau

Le Deshabille Rouge
Delphin Enjolras

Beauty at the Well
Guillaume Seignac

Yvonette (large version)
William Bouguereau

Young woman with flowers
Gustave Jean Jacquet

Dante and Virgil in Hell
William Bouguereau

The Violinist
Sir Edward John Poynter
Top 10 museums with Academist art
Musée d'Orsay - ParisFrance (Paris)40 artworks
Tate Britain - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)37 artworks
Manchester Art GalleryUnited Kingdom (Manchester)30 artworks
Hermitage Museum - St-PetersburgRussian Federation (St. Petersburg)27 artworks
Walters Art Museum - BaltimoreUnited States (Baltimore, Maryland)26 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NYUnited States (New York)24 artworks
Walker Art Gallery, LiverpoolUnited Kingdom (Liverpool)20 artworks
Musée Fabre - MontpellierFrance (Montpellier)20 artworks
Aberdeen Art Gallery and MuseumsUnited Kingdom (Aberdeen)18 artworks
Palais des Beaux Arts de LilleFrance (Lille)16 artworks
Important dates
Founding date:  1850
Why 1850?: Approximative date of the merger between Romanticism and Neoclassicism which happened in the Paris Salon. Emperor Napoleon III also favoured it as his official art.

End date:  1910
Why 1910?: End of the traditional salons, decline of Fine Arts academies (artists could train elsewhere) and death of the prominent painters of the style.