(An artistic movement)

Dates: 1863-1920

This movement contains other movements: Skagen Painters, Old Lyme Colony

French artists who painted in 'plein-air', with bright and unmixed colours and slightly apparent brush strokes, in order to give a better rendering of light. The movement then extended to the other Western countries, notably the USA.

People associated with this movement
John Ottis AdamsAmerican, 1851-192756 artworks
Anna AncherDanish, 1859-193562 artworks
Michael Peter AncherDanish, 1849-192758 artworks
Lucy BaconAmerican, 1858-19321 artwork
Laureano BarrauSpanish, 1863-195726 artworks
Jean Frederic BazilleFrench, 1841-187049 artworks
Reynolds BealAmerican, 1867-195139 artworks
Frank W. BensonAmerican, 1862-1951138 artworks
Eugène-Louis BoudinFrench, 1824-18981108 artworks
Olga BoznańskaPolish, 1865-1940155 artworks
Matilda BrowneAmerican, 1869-19472 artworks
John Elwood BundyAmerican, 1853-193314 artworks
Dennis Miller BunkerAmerican, 1861-189057 artworks
Theodore Earl ButlerAmerican, 1861-193656 artworks
Alejandro CabezaSpanish103 artworks
Gustave CaillebotteFrench, 1848-1894249 artworks
Ignacio Pinazo CamarlenchSpanish, 1849-1916176 artworks
Mary CassattAmerican, 1844-1926336 artworks
William ChadwickAmerican, 1879-196211 artworks
William Merritt ChaseAmerican, 1849-1916640 artworks
Alson Skinner ClarkAmerican, 1876-1949117 artworks
Colin Campbell CooperAmerican, 1856-193797 artworks
Lovis CorinthGerman, 1858-1925280 artworks
Paul CornoyerAmerican, 1864-192342 artworks
Edgar DegasFrench, 1834-1917650 artworks
Giuseppe de NittisItalian, 1846-188471 artworks
Frank Vincent DuMondAmerican, 1865-19513 artworks
John Joseph EnnekingAmerican, 1841-191659 artworks
Karoly FerenczyHungarian, 1862-19173 artworks
William Howe FooteAmerican, 1874-19654 artworks
Frederick Carl FriesekeAmerican, 1874-1939247 artworks
Daniel GarberAmerican, 1880-195853 artworks
Eva GonzalesFrench, 1849-188342 artworks
Edmund W. GreacenAmerican, 1876-194919 artworks
Richard B. GruelleAmerican, 1851-19142 artworks
Armand GuillauminFrench, 1841-1927451 artworks
Frederick Childe HassamAmerican, 1859-1935661 artworks
Ludwig von HofmannGerman, 1861-19455 artworks
Blanche Hoschedé-MonetFrench, 1865-194721 artworks
Wilson IrvineAmerican, 1869-193626 artworks
Charles Salis KaelinAmerican, 1858-192921 artworks
Joseph KleitschAmerican, 1882-1931163 artworks
Alexander KoesterGerman, 1864-193231 artworks
Christian KrohgDanish, 1852-192514 artworks
Johan KrouthénSwedish, 1858-1932472 artworks
Marie Triepcke KroyerDanish, 1867-19401 artwork
Peder Severin KroyerNorwegian, 1851-190986 artworks
William Langson LathropAmerican, 1859-193849 artworks
Albert LebourgFrench, 1849-1928214 artworks
Stanislas LépineFrench, 1835-189295 artworks
Richard Haley LeverAustralian, 1876-1958109 artworks
Max LiebermannGerman, 1847-1935209 artworks
Elmer Livingston MacRaeAmerican, 1875-195311 artworks
Édouard ManetFrench, 1832-1883248 artworks
Willard Leroy MetcalfAmerican, 1858-1925196 artworks
Claude Oscar MonetFrench, 1840-19261246 artworks
Adolphe-Joseph-Thomas MonticelliFrench, 1824-1886123 artworks
Berthe MorisotFrench, 1841-1895292 artworks
George NoyesAmerican, 1864-19546 artworks
Frank NuderscherAmerican, 1880-19591 artwork
Leonard OchtmanAmerican, 1854-19357 artworks
Mina Fonda OchtmanAmerican, 1862-19241 artwork
Julian OnderdonkAmerican, 1882-1922185 artworks
Ernst OpplerGerman, 1867-19292 artworks
Walter Frederick OsborneIrish, 1859-190332 artworks
William MacGregor PaxtonAmerican, 1869-1941108 artworks
Lilla Cabot PerryAmerican, 1848-193383 artworks
Eilif PeterssenNorwegian, 1852-19285 artworks
Theodor PhilipsenDanish, 1840-19202 artworks
Camille PissarroFrench, 1830-19031042 artworks
Edward PotthastAmerican, 1857-1927288 artworks
Leo PutzGerman, 1869-194084 artworks
Henry Ward RangerAmerican, 1858-191614 artworks
Edward Willis RedfieldAmerican, 1869-196589 artworks
Robert Lewis ReidAmerican, 1862-192967 artworks
Pierre Auguste RenoirFrench, 1841-19191584 artworks
Theodore RobinsonAmerican, 1852-1896187 artworks
Guy Orlando RoseAmerican, 1867-1925135 artworks
John Singer SargentAmerican, 1856-19251491 artworks
Paul SawyierAmerican, 1865-191715 artworks
Valentin SerovRussian, 1865-1911123 artworks
Edward E. SimmonsAmerican, 1852-193115 artworks
Alfred SisleyFrench, 1839-1899582 artworks
Max SlevogtGerman, 1868-193248 artworks
Henry B. SnellAmerican, 1858-19431 artwork
Joaquin Sorolla y BastidaSpanish, 1863-1923573 artworks
George W. SotterAmerican, 1878-19538 artworks
Otto StarkAmerican, 1859-19268 artworks
Theodore Clement SteeleAmerican, 1847-192690 artworks
Jane SutherlandAustralian, 1853-192813 artworks
Edmund TarbellAmerican, 1862-1938118 artworks
Fritz ThaulowNorwegian, 1847-1906146 artworks
Laurits TuxenDanish, 1853-19272 artworks
John TwachtmanAmerican, 1853-1902281 artworks
Fritz von UhdeGerman, 1848-191173 artworks
Lesser UryGerman, 1861-1931135 artworks
Robert VonnohAmerican, 1858-193353 artworks
Clark Greenwood VoorheesAmerican, 1871-19338 artworks
Elmer WachtelAmerican, 1864-192919 artworks
Marion Kavanaugh (Wachtel)American, 1875-19548 artworks
Julian Alden WeirAmerican, 1852-1919141 artworks
Albert WeisgerberGerman, 1878-19153 artworks
James Abbott McNeill WhistlerAmerican, 1834-1903238 artworks
Federico ZandomeneghiItalian, 1841-1917101 artworks
Random artworks by artists related to this movement

Johan Krouthén

Wood Felling in a Forest
Giuseppe de Nittis

Apunte de la Playa
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

The Harbor of Antibes
Eugène-Louis Boudin

Paul Cezanne
Pierre Auguste Renoir

The Seine at Rouen
Armand Guillaumin

Oda with lamp
Christian Krohg

Portrait of a Caballero
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

Kneeling Nude
Edgar Degas

Segovian Peasant Girls
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

Harmony in Blue and Violet, Miss Finch
James Abbott McNeill Whistler

The Hairdresser
Berthe Morisot

Fritz Thaulow

Two Women with Flowered Hat
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Important dates
Founding date:  1863
Why 1863?: Creation of the 'Salon des Refusés' to exhibit works refused by the official Salon. Manet presented there his 'Luncheon on the Grass' which provoked a scandal and created the style.

End date:  1920
Why 1920?: End of the Impressionist exhibitions in 1886. But the style expanded in other countries (USA and Scandinavia) and lasted until the World War.