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March 12 (Thursday)
2:49 AM: Added the artwork Portrait of the Artists Daughter
by Oscar Begas
March 9 (Monday)
12:56 PM: Added the artwork Portrait of a Girl
by Conrad Kiesel
March 3 (Tuesday)
1:40 AM: Added the artwork Access Denied
by Hans Zatzka
1:37 AM: Added the artwork Troops parade with Emperor Wilhelm II. In Brussels
by William Pape
1:35 AM: Edited the person William Pape
1:34 AM: Added the person William Pape
1:33 AM: Added the artwork Tempel by Kolkata
by Erich Kips
1:29 AM: Added the artwork Return From Bear Hunting
by Heinrich Bürkel
1:27 AM: Edited the artwork The Village Cattle Market
by Heinrich Bürkel
1:27 AM: Edited the artwork The Monastary Soup Kitchen
by Heinrich Bürkel
1:26 AM: Edited the artwork Claude Monet Painting
by Heinrich Bürkel
1:25 AM: Added the artwork Dutch Steamship and Fishing Boat on a Stormy Sea
by Andreas Achenbach
1:22 AM: Added the artwork Raiders-Transport Before a Osteria
by Heinrich Bürkel
1:19 AM: Edited the person Heinrich Bürkel
1:19 AM: Added the person Heinrich Bürkel
1:17 AM: Added the artwork Frisian Fishermen and Fisherwomen Unloading the Catch
by Carl Becker (Marinemaler)
1:16 AM: Edited the person Carl Becker (Marinemaler)
1:15 AM: Added the person Carl Becker (Marinemaler)
1:05 AM: Added the artwork Shepherd with his Flock in Maerkischer Landscape
by August Blunck
1:03 AM: Added the artwork In the Summer
by Ernst Albert Fischer-Coerlin
1:02 AM: Added the person Ernst Albert Fischer-Coerlin
1:00 AM: Added the artwork Snowy Fields (Wechselburg an der Mulde)
by Eugen Felix Prosper Bracht
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