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September 21 (Wednesday)
3:08 PM: Edited the person Pierre-Jacques Volaire
2:44 PM: Added the artwork Ferdinand Ier de M├ędicis
by Niccolo Cassana
September 3 (Saturday)
8:18 AM: Added the artwork Still Life with Basket of Fruit, Birds and Mushrooms in a Landscape
by Simon del Tintore
8:15 AM: Added the artwork Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, a Bottle, Figs and Mushrooms - Still Life with a Vase, Chestnut B
by Simon del Tintore
8:13 AM: Added the person Simon del Tintore
8:11 AM: Added the artwork Portrait of a Man
by Simon Vouet
8:02 AM: Added the artwork Still Life with a Basket of Grapes, Pomegranates, Quinces and Pears, with a Fig Branch and a Cask of
by Carlo Manieri
8:00 AM: Added the person Carlo Manieri
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