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August 4 (Thursday)
1:33 AM: Added the artwork Annunciation to the Shepherds
by Giovanni Do
1:29 AM: Edited the person Giovanni Do
1:28 AM: Added the artwork Painter's Studio Giovanni Do
by Giovanni Do
1:17 AM: Added the artwork Painter's Studio
by Giovanni Do
1:16 AM: Added the person Giovanni Do
July 29 (Friday)
1:31 PM: Added the artwork San Sebastián curado por Santa Irene,
by Antonio de Bellis
1:25 PM: Added the artwork Vanitas
by Pietro Negri
1:23 PM: Added the person Pietro Negri
1:11 PM: Added the artwork Saint Sebastien Treats For Santa Irene
by Antonio Zanchi
1:06 PM: Added the artwork Giaele e Sisara
by Antonio Zanchi
1:04 PM: Added the artwork The Death of Lucretia
by Antonio Zanchi
1:01 PM: Added the artwork Semiramide riceve la notizia della rivolta in Babilonia
by Antonio Zanchi
12:58 PM: Added the artwork La Vergine appare agli appestati
by Antonio Zanchi
12:55 PM: Added the artwork The Death of King Josiah
by Antonio Zanchi
12:52 PM: Added the artwork Abraham Teaching Astrology to the Egyptians
by Antonio Zanchi
12:49 PM: Added the artwork Saint Ursula
by Antonio Zanchi
12:48 PM: Added the person Antonio Zanchi
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